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5E D&D Crossovers


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
A klingon bird of prey crash landed on my world after a "warp drive experiment gone wrong". Fortunately for the group their disruptors were less effective than what was shown on the series.

The klingons had tried for decades to get back to "normal" space but when that didn't work they just decided to take over the world with their advanced technological know-how. The group finally destroyed their base by triggering a warp core breach.

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My brother once ran a game which was a combination of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards and The Dragon magazine "adventure" where you are an anti-paladin with a keep that is attacked by a SS group from the Eastern Front that entered through a dimensional rift.


Not literal crossovers, but duing my current campaign I have used significant chunks of:

Jurassic Park
Mysterious Island (the sequel to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)
The Voyage of Doctor Doolittle
Doctor Who

As well as the usual generic fantasy stuff.

I've had Daleks and Xenomorphs in Traveller, and Dracula in Star Trek RPG.
I subtly added Doctor Who to my Reign of Winter game. Baba Yaga was a time lord and her Dancing Hut was a TARDIS.

That game also had the party travel through the fey realm which crossed over into a mythic past and from Pathfinder rules to AD&D and Hackmaster while there. While there the party rescued Garl Glittergold from a young Baba Yaga, incurred her wrath spurring her to conquer half of the Land of the Linnorm Kings to found Irrisen, and siring the first of the Jadwiga as the child of one of the PCs. This also led to the gnomes being hunted in the world such as in Kobold's Midgard setting which I find to be a cool setting element.


My Mighty Protectors campaign crossed over into a D&D-like world which I built entirely using the MP rule set, whereas in hindsight it would have been a lot easier to just create D&D versions of the main characters and play using actual D&D rules just to minimize the sheer volume of prep work :)

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