D&D 5E D&D Digital Plans To Be Revealed On February 21st

Brian D. Goldner, Chairman of the Board and CEO at Hasbro took part in the company's Quarter 4 2019 earnings call. This included several references to D&D.


  • D&D grew again for the sixth year in a row.
  • Streaming D&D content was up nearly 50% on last year.
  • Substantial new (digital) gaming plans for D&D will be revealed on February 21st at Hasbro's Analyst Day
  • Total games category grew by 6%, as D&D, MtG, and Monopoly bolstered declines elsewhere.
  • Profit declined due to digital D&D and M:tG digital games investment.
"Well, good morning, and we did see very strong growth for Magic: The Gathering and increased growth for Dungeons & Dragons. "

"Magic: The Gathering revenues increased more than 30% in the year, behind double-digit growth in tabletop play and a strong first year for Magic: The Gathering Arena. Dungeons & Dragons revenues grew for the sixth straight year, and we are meaningfully investing in both brands to drive engaging storytelling, while developing new digital games with high margin profitable growth longer term. We look forward to sharing our 2020 new gaming plans for Magic and D&D on February 21. MONOPOLY had double-digit revenue growth and grew in each region with new themes and relevant entertainment tie-ins. We advanced our consumer products licensing business growing revenues double digits and expanding operating profit margin. We've broadened our licensed brand portfolio and expanded our reach with original live events that drive consumer engagement."

"In addition, for D&D, we did see our sixth straight year of growth. We are seeing about 150 million hours of content viewed on Twitch and YouTube, which is up nearly 50% year-on-year. In the first half of 2020, we are seeing a lot of new initiatives coming for the brand, but again I'm going to let Chris walk us through at at our Analyst Day, our plans for digital gaming, which are again substantial for D&D that begins in 2020."

"You'll also see great digital game development for D&D. And we will see you on February 21 to outline that."

"Our total games category grew 6% for the year, fueled by growth in Magic: The Gathering and MONOPOLY. Higher revenues from Dungeons & Dragons and several classic games titles did not offset declines in our Hasbro Gaming portfolio"

"Adjusted operating profit and profit margin declined as we invest in digital gaming initiatives including Magic: The Gathering Arena and future Magic and Dungeons & Dragons digital games."

"We delivered compelling gaming experiences, led by the work of our teams at Wizards of the Coast. Our positive results to date have us on plan to double Wizards of the Coast coast revenues over five years from 2018 to 2023."

You can read the full transcript at The Motley Fool.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey



If which they spent almost 300 million on that movie, probably marketing of around half that or more and the only get 60% if the box office. So they made a reasonably small profit on it.

They are also in a lot if debt, and they started with a 2 billion dollar movie.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
The way I'm hearing it, they're just converting from in-house RPG development to outsourcing. Most of the discussions I've seen agree that it's nothing to get too worked up about.
The most recent news has RPG development discontinued.


You realize that WotC already did 3 Star Wars RPGs right? None of those had D&D on them and I don't think a new one would if this occurred. But they did use the existing D&D engine or a variation thereof. Personally, I don't see that happening because WotC walked away from the license earlier this decade.
I'm guessing a mobile gacha game with exciting characters like Drizzt, Elminster, the Lord of Blades, and Snails from the D&D movie, with exciting freemium gameplay!

Also a battle royale game where you are dropped into the maze of Undermountain and have to loot equipment and fight off other players as the map slowly constricts and boss dragons spawn!

I'd say a digital card game, but Magic Arena is WotC's baby right now. Maybe a crossover expansion featuring iconic D&D monsters and equipment, only playable on Arena? (and only on Wednesdays)

Then like, a console exclusive timed for the release of the PS5. Call it Planescape: Reloaded, except instead of a broody RPG it's a Dark Souls clone where you play a dour badass slaughtering his way through the outer planes. Also, DLC!

/s? maybe? I'm not even sure anymore, I bet I'd play like 3 of those.


you had to finagle the games a bit, but they're upfront about it and how to get around it. it's largely a narrative issue since the games focus on different aspects of the rebellion era of the star wars universe and you need to give your character different things to overcome. edge of the galaxy was about smugglers and outlaws and you had to give your character debts, while rebellion is more military oriented and gave you... duties? obligations? something like that. force and destiny was the jedi one and that I think just gave you destinies. otherwise they were basically the same game with different talent trees.
I compared the Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion core books, and the overlap was about 50%, maybe a little more if you count functional overlap (e.g. Hired Gun = Soldier). The non-overlapping bits would be different species, classes/specializations, gear (particularly vehicles/spaceships), NPC stats, and GMing advice.

As for rules, the main difference for PCs themselves is that Edge PCs have Obligations, which are things that make them feel bad and occasionally mess things up for them, while Age PCs have Duties, which are things that make them feel good, and if the group as a whole amass enough Duty they become more notorious and get some boons from the Rebellion. Force & Destiny PCs have Morality, which is a sliding scale of where they are between the Light and the Dark side - do bad things and you'll go Dark eventually.


They were revealed today, they 7 D&D video games are in development and we will get at LEAST 1 D&D game per year. We know 2 of these 7 games, meaning there are 5 new D&D games being developed that we don't know about. I pray they aren't garbage.


What do you all think they will be? I'm thinking Pool of Radiance 3, an Eberron game, Neverwinter 3, Azure Bonds 2, Demon Stone 2.

Half of them if not more will probably be mobile games.


Half of them if not more will probably be mobile games.

As long as they are actually good with authentic 5e rules and turned based 'm okay with that. In fact I would love that.

Technically you can play BG3 on mobile phone or pad if your playing via Stadia.

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