D&D General D&D has always been the gateway to other games.

Argyle King

I've found that it's "easier" to start with D&D, as far as getting a group together.

Though, oddly, I've found that starting with D&D makes it more difficult to teach other games. In contrast, when I have taught a different game to a group first, they've had an easier time understanding other games.

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When I was in college, I got to sit down and play 2e, Mekton, The Chronicles of Amber, Robotech and I kid you not, Ghostbusters. ;) At the same time I was collecting books from the TMNT RPG and Werewolf: The Apocalypse. I never had the chance to play either one. But I did spend a couple of Saturdays trying to create my own team of teenage mutant ninjas (5 mutant hawks named after each of the wind gods of Greek mythology).

After college, I collected 3e D&D, 4e D&D and PF1. Now I am back to playing 5e and collecting A5e. :)

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