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General D&D 'Infernal Font' for $10 for Extra Life

Russ Morrissey



Totally Awesome Pirate Brain
I agree with @Hurin88 it looks too Gothic calligraphy.
I liked the letter shapes of 4E Barazhad a lot better. Barazhad Font | dafont.com
Unfortunately, that font has mediocre kerning.
But of course not as bad as Hellvetica.ttf | Kern in hell
I hate you. That made me nauseous. I felt physically ill looking at Hellvetica. Why is that even a thing? Who invented that?

If you have to Barazhad can be manually corrected using most MS Office products in a documents. Its a pain in the ass to do anything substantial, but for a dozen words, or a fancy map its not unreasonable. I think it lookes more like the dragon script from Skyrim, something formed by a creature that can rend stone with claws.

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