D&D General D&D Players Insulted!!!!!

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You would think guys would want females to hang around with them and play D&D.

I did once have a player pop in for a game who was so ridiculously good looking that my brain pretty much froze up and I really struggled to focus on GMing the game. Definitely an outlier case though.


I crit!


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Urriak Uruk

Gaming is fun, and fun is for everyone
In all seriousness though, while it's not really a factor now (largely because I'm older and not nearly as good looking as I was in my 20s lol), it was a problem back then to be a gamer. I'm really not trying to brag, and apologize if it's coming across as such. But it was super common for me back then to join a game and everyone there assume I wasn't serious about gaming based on first impressions of what I looked like. I didn't "look" like a geek or nerd. I was clean cut, athletic, etc. So no one took me seriously, and many times I was met with outright disdain for no reason, like I was infiltrating their group that I didn't belong to. And lord forbid a woman who was good looking tried joining. That happened only a couple times in my memory, but she was treated even worse. In hindsight, it really makes me cringe at the behavior that was done. Nerds weren't really known for social skills, and the poor woman was beset upon by creepy sexual innuendo after innuendo, OR people just stared at her without saying a word, which was equally uncomfortable.

This story makes me happy for how the game has changed, as I DM a group of 7 adults (there is a cap of 6 in a game but people cycle in and out), and 4 of the 7 are attractive women.

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