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There's a D&D product placeholder for the summer hardcover up on Amazon. It doesn't say much, but confirms the release date as August 16th. There's some product dimensions there, too -- they match a standard D&D hardcover (except for the 2-inch thickness!) -- and an ISBN (978-0786968169).

[Update -- the US version of the placeholder has a price of $69.99.]

We'll find out more on Thursday when the D&D Direct video is released. Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse is on May 17th, and Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel comes out on June 21st.

From previous statements from WotC, we're expecting two classic settings to come back this year, and these will be in a new print format. WotC's Ray Winninger said in June last year that "Each of these products is pursuing a different format you've never seen before. And neither is "digital only;" these are new print formats." Current speculation, based on hints and teasers, is mainly centered around Spelljammer and Dragonlance.

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It could be a story-arc or adventure about a crashed alien ship, with the PC races from UA, a aliens from "d20 Future" (Star Frontiers + Star*Drive).

If it is a new setting, then this should be "opened" in the DMGuild.

A new print format? Then maybe the idea is something is a monster compendium, added some vehicles and pages of crunch, and almost nothing about nPCs and places.


This may also answer another question: Is WotC expanding to six books? I think the answer is: probably. Why? Consider two things:
  1. We've seen a September product every year of 5E's run, from 2014-21.
  2. We've seen an October release every year since the line expanded to four books in 2018 (2018-21); before that, every year in November (2014-17). Meaning, an Oct/Nov product since the beginning.
Unless they break their schedule that goes back to the very beginning of 5E, we are going to see a product in each of Sept and Oct/Nov, which would bring the total for 2022 to:

March: Netherdeep
May: Monsters of the Multiverse
June: Radiant Citadel
August: ???
Sept: ???
Oct/Nov: ???

Now it could be that one of those is Stormhaven, which might not count as a "major product. But it is worth noting that the "special products" - the two starter sets, the variant starter sets, and the deluxe editions (Strahd Revamped) have all been published in addition to the normal schedule. For instance, Strahd Revamped and Essentials were both published in September, but alongside a hardcover that same month.

The point being, I don't think Stormhaven is one of those six products.

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