WotC D&D Direct--Learn About Upcoming D&D On April 21st!

D&D Direct is a 30-minute video which WotC will be releasing on April 21st at 9am Pacific Time (5pm BST, if I have my time zones correct). They'll be using it to reveal stuff about upcoming D&D projects (including video games and entertainment). The video will be presented by Anna Prosser and B. Dave Walters.

This is being billed in an emailed announcement entitled "Learn Everything That’s Happening This Year for Dungeons & Dragons" as the "first ever D&D Direct", so presumably there are more planned.

The D&D Team at Wizards of the Coast is excited to debut D&D Direct, a jam-packed thirty-minute video presentation on April 21 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Tune in to see exclusive reveals from the world's greatest roleplaying game, including video games, entertainment, and more, guided by hosts Anna Prosser and B. Dave Walters.

D&D Direct will be broadcast on the D&D YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/DNDWizards) and Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/dnd) channels.

To find out more on D&D Direct go to dnd.wizards.com and follow the official D&D social media accounts for more updates.

See you on April 21 at 9:00 AM PT for the first-ever D&D Direct!
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Spelljammer Confirmed!

This seems to be the same as Hasbro Direct. Of course, Hasbro Direct has a separate purpose, which is also a subscription service to order toys before they are released (and usually released only to certain retailers).

"Outlook uncertain" is how I view it, currently. If it's just the info part, it'll be a good step forward. If it includes a special service in the future where you have to subscribe annually in order to have a good chance at getting D&D merchandise before shipped in weird distribution to major retailers, I'll pass. Yes, I'm still salty about having to buy Classified Flint from a reseller.


Yeah, the hamster, mind flayer, and beholder so prominent does seem like something...

The Xbox controller being so prominent is pretty interesting. Wonder if there is a video game announcement or something?
With the Xbox controller, some video game announcement is inevitable. The Hamster, Mindflayer, and Beholder are too much with us knowing that Spelljammer is coming to be anything else.

The little video also shows the first page of a script with the D&D movie director's names, so we are likely looking at the beginning of marketing for the movie here.

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