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All joking aside, it's funny they're considered rivals in this thread, because they really aren't rivals IRL. Matt C. is the lead writer for Matt M.'s Vox Machina: Origins comic, for example.

Colville only wrote the first series of Vox Machina: Origins, and if I'm being honest, some of the "Colvillisms" in that series (Asssassin School) are why I downvoted him. But he was also meant to be an important reoccurring guest on CR campaign 2 before the party went a different direction.

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Jasmine Bhullar, "Shikar" 6
Celeste Conowitch, "Venture Maidens" 7
Matt Colville, "The Chain of Acheron" 6 - 2 = 4
Matt Mercer, "Critical Role" 7 + 1 = 8


Maybe, maybe not. "Punk" is a word, and it has a meaning...and that meaning certainly applies to Eberron.
Sure, there is space for punk in Eberron. But what I was trying to say is that it is not in it's DNA. Pulp and Noir are much more ingrained in to Eberron, but people like to use "X"punk to describe everything. "If it has some sort of technology it must be steampunk." "Oh, it's not tech, it's magic as tech? So it must be magivpunk".... that sort of thing.


Jasmine Bhullar, "Shikar" 6-2=4
Celeste Conowitch, "Venture Maidens" 7
Matt Colville, "The Chain of Acheron" 4+1=5
Matt Mercer, "Critical Role" 8

THIS IS NOT A VOTE but I think we should leave the current score near the end of the thread


The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
I mean, for as much as the -"punk" suffix still retains any meeting whatsoever, Eberron feels pretty Magicpunk to me.

At the very least, it's definitely one way to play it

e: LOL this conversation has gone on so long I had to go back because I forgot if I even voted or not

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