[D20 CoC] Beyond the Mountains of Madness Campaign - Recruiting Alternate Players


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[D20 CoC] Beyond the Mountains of Madness

HEADLINES: The Arkham Advertiser - May 26, 1933: “Antarctica or Bust!” Renowned Adventurer Sets
His sights on the Bottom of the World

New York (AP)—World famous explorer James Starkweather announced today that he would lead a
party of scientists and explorers into uncharted parts of the Antarctic continent this fall.

Starkweather, accompanied by geologist William Moore of MiskatonicUniversity in Arkham,
Massachusetts, intends to continue along the trail first blazed by the ill-fated Miskatonic University
Expedition of 1930-31.


I am recruiting one player for the Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign using the D20 Call of
Cthulhu rules set in the date and time mentioned above. For those Cthulhu-philes who are familiar with
this campaign, I intend to make minor changes that add spice and uniqueness while speeding up play
and, hopefully, adhering to the mood and intent of the overall original work.

One (of six) positions remain unfilled aboard the expedition. All interested applicants should read the
information attached herein and submit a brief letter of application (introducing yourself and explaining
what benefits you can bring to the team) to James Starkweather at THISADDRESS at the Amherst Hotel in
New York City. Mr. Starkweather will thereafter personally respond to your application.

We will be roleplaying the application process using the IC thread. Once Mr. Starkweather accepts your
character’s application, please post your character sheet to a Rogue’s Gallery thread HERE.

BtMoM Prologue thread = Here
BtMoM Chapter 1 thread = Here

A history of our events and evidence can be foundHERE.

NOTE: This is an admittedly-lengthy expedition and James Starkweather is seeking dedicated explorers
only! Please do not apply for the expedition if you believe that you will need to disembark at one of the
first ports of call. Additionally, the expedition needs explorers who are able to report for duty at least
once every other day, if not more often. If you cannot commit to this level of dedication, please do not

2ND NOTE: Playing in this campaign does not require in-depth knowledge of D20 CoC rules (we'll help you
through the pain .. :cool: ), but any prospective player should have a basic familiarity of the Call of Cthulhu
style of RPG and also some familiarity with H.P. Lovecraft's short stories.

Character generation information

This is a very deadly campaign, therefore your character’s ability scores will be set using a generous 40
point buy system. That is, each ability score starts at 8 and the players spread 40 points out among all
abilities to arrive at their final scores. For ability scores of 14 or lower, you buy additional points on a
1-for-1 basis. For ability scores higher than 14, it costs a little more (i.e. spend 5 points of your 40 for a
score of 13, 6 points for a score of 14, 8 points of your 40 for a score of 15; 10 points for a score of 16, 13
points for a score of 17; and 16 points for a score of 18).

Characters begin this campaign at the 4th level.

Choose your skills and develop your background and occupation with the needs of this expedition in
mind. I will allow some fame or notoriety for your character based on your occupation, and this may help
in the application process, but we’ll need to discuss any unique characteristics.

Below are listed some skills/occupations that James Starkweather might find useful for his expedition.
He will consider other occupations, but your application letter will need to be convincing.

- Cartographer/Surveyor]
- Dog Handler/Sled Driver - This role is currently being played by Drowned Hero (Øyvind Raknes)
- Electrician/Electrical Engineer

- Guide/polar Survival Expert
- Journalist - this role is currently being played by Morpheus (Martin Leblanc)
- Mechanic/Mechanical Engineer
- Mining Engineer
- Outfitter (expert in cold climates)
- Photographer - this role is currently being played by Morpheus (Martin Leblanc)
- Pilot - this role is currently being played by Taokan (Camille Bardier)
- Physician
- Radioman/Radio Engineer
- Scientist/Researchers, expecially experts (maxed knowledge skills in his/her specialty, or
someone who is well known as an authority in a field such as Archeaeology, Biology,
Chemistry, Geology, Glaciology, Meterology, Mineralogy, or Paleontology.
- This role is currently being played by Drowned Hero (Dr. George Barrow)

Hit points are max at first level (i.e. 6HP + Con), plus 4HP + Con each level thereafter.

Starting location can be anywhere in the world, but all characters must meet in New York City (traveling
at your own expense) in 5 game months. If someone wants their character to originate in Arkham, or
actually work at the MiskatonicUniversity, they may. Feel free to make up or research places for you to
work or play that are appropriate to the time and region.

Psychic feats are allowed, but I would rather that everyone not have them.


BtMoM Keeper: jdeleski - US Eastern timezone

Our Intrepid Investigators
Martin LeBlanc - Photojournalist, played by Morpheus - US Eastern timezone
Camille Bardier - Pilot, played by Taokan - US Eastern timezone
Øyvind Raknes - Dog Handler/Sled Driver, played by Drowned Hero
George Barrow - Scientist (Biology/Chemistry), played by Drowned Hero
Father J.P. Rucker - Priest, played by Strahd_Von_Zarovich
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Thanks Gomez! Given the scarcity of CoC players in my RL neighborhood, this is probably the only chance that I'll have at running this monstrously delicious campaign, so I decided to give it a shot. I've been watching your Masks and Delta Green campaigns with interest (along with Isida's) and if this expedition does launch, i.e. if I find enough interested players, I'd like to exchange DM notes if you'd be OK with that. I'm very interested in making this campaign exciting, memorable, and one that players are motivated to complete.

Job (the tortured one).
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Have you ever ran a PBP game before. I can give you a few pointers. With such a big game and the slowness of PBP, don't be afraid to cut stuff out and modify the game. Try and always keep the game moving. A adventure like BTMOM can take along time to finish.


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Oooh! First blood! Looks like exactly what I was looking for. :cool: James Starkweather will be in touch.

When James has responded, please post your character sheet to the Rogue's Gallery thread HERE.

Job (the tortured one).
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Duly Noted! Mr. Starkweather will be in touch.

When James has responded, please post your character sheet to the Rogue's Gallery thread HERE.

By the way, I have been creating .jpg files of James Starkweather's invitation letters, approximately 225Kb in size, emblazoned with the Starkweather-Moore Expedition (SME) logo, suitable for framing. :lol: Let me know if you'd like me to email it to you for posterity!

Job (the tortured one).
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Exploring Ptolus
jdeleski said:
When James has responded, please post your character sheet to the Rogue's Gallery thread HERE.

Job (the tortured one).

I will post it soon. One question-Are we using the Defense Variant on pg. 15?

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