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Damsel: Millie Bobbie Brown is a princess sacrificed to a dragon, and then fights back

I guess we'll see. It looks dreadful right now because it's misaligned but hopefully they can fix that.
I don't think it's CGI at all - I think it's just hand drawn onto the still. It's not just misaligned, there is no foreshortening whatsoever.

Edit: If you pause the video at 1.30 you can catch a glimpse of the sword - it's a lot more beaten up, and looks like a physical prop.
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Theory - it's publicity still, and when they took the shot the blade was out of focus. "Oh, we will just photoshop it in afterwards". Derp.

The focal plane is on her face, the hilt is a little out of focus, the photoshopped blade "what's focus?"

Dire Bare

That was a lot of fun!

The initial "twist" is spoiled by all of the marketing and the very premise of the movie, that Elodie (Millie Bobby Brown) is a damsel that will be saving herself from a dragon. There is another "twist" late in the film, one that is telegraphed pretty early in the film. But still, a well done film that was a lot of fun.

The only time I was taken out of the film was at the very end, when the bad guys get their comeuppance. And Millie is walking out of the castle with explosions behind her, action-movie style.

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