D&D General Dan Rawson Named New Head Of D&D

Hasbro has announced a former Microsoft digital commerce is the new senior vice president in charge of Dungeons & Dragons. Dan Rawson was the COO of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Hasbro also hired Cynthia Williams earlier this year; she too, came from Microsoft. Of Rawson, she said "We couldn’t be bringing on Dan at a better time. With the acquisition of D&D Beyond earlier this year, the digital capabilities and opportunities for Dungeons & Dragons are accelerating faster than ever. I am excited to partner with Dan to explore the global potential of the brand while maintaining Hasbro’s core value as a player-first company.”

Rawson himself says that "Leading D&D is the realization of a childhood dream. I’m excited to work with Cynthia once again, and I’m thrilled to work with a talented team to expand the global reach of D&D, a game I grew up with and now play with my own kids.”

Interestingly, Ray Wininger -- who has been running D&D for the last couple of years -- has removed mention of WotC and Hasbro from his Twitter bio.
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D&D stopped taking risks in 2012.
I laughed, and there is some truth in that, but what I'm saying is Winninger knew about taking risks, and doing interesting things with RPGs, even if he wasn't allowed to take too many with D&D.

This guy? Well even he only claims to have played D&D "in his youth" and "with his kids", and I doubt he's even heard of stuff like Underground. I think his vision of D&D is going to be pretty narrow and very much aligned with "D&D as lifestyle product" rather than "D&D as RPG".

If this has been going on for a while it would certainly explain a few things.


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This is true. Frankly I'd be unsurprised if they simply sold out to Microsoft for many dollars, in a few years. MS is going very aggro on acquiring game companies. Once they've got Activision-Blizzard in the bag (still working on that) I'd be unsurprised if either Hasbro or a WotC snapped from Hasbro would be next up.
I’m continually amazed that there hasn’t been another D&D-based WoW RPG. If it’s not Blizzard or WotC, here’s to hoping it’s Warchief Gaming.

I’m continually amazed that there hasn’t been another D&D-based WoW RPG. If it’s not Blizzard or WotC, here’s to hoping it’s Warchief.
I think WotC are pretty defensive about their IPs these days. I've seen their creatives get into online scuffles over stuff that was in the d20 WoW RPG (as recently as a couple of years ago, even), because for a short while, it seemed like that and WoW were very well-aligned, and then suddenly they weren't. So I suspect from their perspective, what was intended as a marketing tool ended up as more of a distraction.

And now Activision-Blizzard are being bought by MS so it's likely there will be nothing licensed this way until after that's done at the earliest, and even then, I suspect MS would be less likely to allow it.

I could easily foresee a situation where MS ended up owning both Blizzard and WotC though, and if that were the case...


Winninger hasn't posted anything D&D relat3d since 9/1. My gut says that he is out, and may have been out for as long as a month now. Might be related to why the playtest got pushed back.

Ittoo bad, I liked Sinninger and the direction under him, though corporate sellout D&D is probably going to be exactly my Basic jam.

DnD is ridiculously big in the RPG scene... which is kind of a tiny market. So just throw a number out, it might be an accurate sales number!

An official VTT with official packs will be a great experiment to see. Likely with quite a few restrictions (so as to not devalue the official packs on sale), and it will likely just be too much hassle to run with the 3d models... but it'll be just so fascinating to see a corporate push like that.
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