D&D General Dan Rawson Named New Head Of D&D

Hasbro has announced a former Microsoft digital commerce is the new senior vice president in charge of Dungeons & Dragons. Dan Rawson was the COO of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Hasbro also hired Cynthia Williams earlier this year; she too, came from Microsoft. Of Rawson, she said "We couldn’t be bringing on Dan at a better time. With the acquisition of D&D Beyond earlier this year, the digital capabilities and opportunities for Dungeons & Dragons are accelerating faster than ever. I am excited to partner with Dan to explore the global potential of the brand while maintaining Hasbro’s core value as a player-first company.”

Rawson himself says that "Leading D&D is the realization of a childhood dream. I’m excited to work with Cynthia once again, and I’m thrilled to work with a talented team to expand the global reach of D&D, a game I grew up with and now play with my own kids.”

Interestingly, Ray Wininger -- who has been running D&D for the last couple of years -- has removed mention of WotC and Hasbro from his Twitter bio.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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1) I didn't say promised, I said told... it's a minor difference but I find when people try to 'gotcha' it's best to be exact
2) It was during the playtest and the wording was something about it being 'ever green' to at least imply that it was the last
3) even at the time I knew the 'ever green' was not something they COULD say, just that they intend at the one moment in time (just like I keep saying with 1D&D "Even IF they are being honest that they at this MOMENT believe it is the last who knows who will be in charge next time sales will be in a slump and need a boost.
4) I will try to google it for you

first thing that comes up in an enworld thread during the end of the next playtest discussing it, but you have to wade through pages
I then found this on RPG.net

I didn't listen to it but here is a pod cast about it
finally almost 30 mins of searching I got this

Wizards of the Coast.

but the link is dead and I don't know how to look at old links (maybe someone can help)
I personally think that still applies. They are, at this time and with the 2024 update, making 5e an evergreen edition. It is more an edition evolution than an edition change IMO.
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Got a quote? I only ask because folks have a habit of saying "promised" about conversations that are not official. For example, "we want this to be the last...." might be something some one says in an interview, but its not an edict that it wont ever happen.
That's setting a very low bar.


I crit!
Here’s a thread. Now mind it’s a thread about an article with statements from Ryan Dancy, and I think some of it has been shown to not be right. But I dint thing the substantive parts are incorrect.


Micah Sweet

I suppose it depends on your definition of "edition"

Was 3e to 3.5 really an edition change in regards to how the Current WotC/Hasbro consider an edition change?

Was 4e to Essentials an edition change in regards to how the Current WotC/Hasbro consider an edition change?

If they weren't, with how it looks like this is going, it is probable that the new Anniversary edition isn't actually an "edition change" as much as a notch of small little changes that make it different just a wee bit, but not enough to justify calling it a completely different edition like 3e was to 4e or 4e was to 5e.

Of course, if we go by how it was under TSR, 3e to 3.5 probably should have been an edition change as should have 4e to Essentials...but we aren't with TSR anymore.
They were fun while they lasted. Every one of my favorite official D&D products came from TSR.

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