D&D 5E Dancer in the sea of time: 5e statistics and lore for a homebrew mythic dragon goddess

Hello all, I am extremely excited to share 5e statistics and lore for a dragon goddess of my own design (who is also my current character in an ongoing epic level campaign). So please welcome the most powerful creature I have ever made for 5th edition.
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Gargantuan celestial (deity, dragon), chaotic neutral

Armor Class 23 (natural armor)

Hit Points 555 (30d20+240)

Speed 40 ft., fly 80 ft., swim 60 ft.

26 (+8)
28 (+9)
26 (+8)
28 (+9)
24 (+7)
26 (+8)

Saving Throws Str +15, Con +15, Wis +14, Cha +15

Skills Arcana +23, History +23, Nature +23, Perception +21, Religion +23, Stealth +16

Damage Resistances cold, lightning

Damage Immunities nonmagical damage

Condition Immunities conditions caused by nonmagical effects, charmed, exhaustion, frightened

Senses blindsight 360 ft., darkvision 480 ft., truesight 240 ft., passive Perception 31

Languages All, telepathy 240 feet.

Challenge 24

Time’s Protection (Recharges after a Short or Long rest).
When Rajara is reduced to 0 hit points or dies, she doesn’t die or fall unconscious. Instead, she regains 555 hit points (this healing cannot be prevented or reduced) and all conditions affecting her end.

Like a drop of water turning into ice, time crystalizes around Rajara, freezing the dragon in the instant before her death. In the span of that frozen moment, time begins to flow in reverse, the dragons wounds healing themselves as the temporal ice begins to melt. As the last of her wounds close, Rajara steps forward, her entire body crackling with temporal energy that arcs like lightning. Her every action is proceeded by rippling draconic images that fade in and out of sync with her movements, images not of the past, but of futures yet to arise.

Dunamantic Mastery.
Unless she chooses to be affected, Rajara is immune to all dunamancy spells and effects, as well as all spells and abilities that manipulate time.

Frightful Presence. While she is not underwater, creatures of Rajara’s choice that start their turns within 240 feet of her and are aware of her must succeed on a DC 23 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened by her. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. If the creatures saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the creature is immune to her Frightful Presence for the next 24 hours.

Spellcasting. Rajara is a 20th level spellcaster. Her spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 23, +15 to hit with spell attacks). She can innately cast the following spells, requiring no components:
  • Cantrips (at will): all
  • 1st level (at will): command, create or destroy water, gift of alacrity, healing word, magnify gravity, shield of faith
  • 2nd level (at will): detect thoughts, fortune’s favor, mirror image, misty step, shatter, suggestion
  • 3rd level (at will): dispel magic, haste, lightning bolt, nondetection, pulse wave, remove curse
  • 4th level (4 slots): banishment, black tentacles, control water, gravity sinkhole, private sanctum
  • 5th level (4 slots): cone of cold, greater restoration, legend lore, synaptic static, temporal shunt
  • 6th level (3 slots): mass suggestion, mental prison, heal
  • 7th level (3 slots): divine word, finger of death, resurrection
  • 8th level (2 slots): dark star, reality break
  • 9th level (2 slots): ravenous void, time ravage
Legendary Resistance. Rajara has advantage on all saving throws.

Limited Magic Immunity. Unless she chooses to be affected, Rajara is immune to all spells of 3rd level or lower.

Lure of the Deep. While she is submerged in water, creatures of Rajara’s choice that start their turns within 240 feet of her and can see her must succeed on a DC 23 Wisdom saving throw or become charmed by her. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns and whenever it takes damage, ending the effect on itself on a success. If the creatures saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the creature is immune to Lure of the Deep for the next 24 hours.

Magic Attacks. Rajara’s attacks are magical.

Siege Monster. Rajara deals double damage to objects and structures.

Rajara can make three attacks, one with her bite, one with her claws, and one with her tail.

Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +15 to hit, reach 15ft., one target. Hit: 26 (4d8+8) piercing damage and if the target is Large size or smaller it must succeed at a DC 23 Dexterity saving throw or be swallowed by Rajara. A swallowed creature is blinded and restrained, it has total cover against attacks and other effects outside of Rajara, and it takes 10 (4d4) bludgeoning damage at the start of each of Rajara’s turns. If Rajara takes 50 damage or more on a single turn from a creature inside of her, she must succeed at a DC 26 Constitution saving throw at the end of that turn or regurgitate all swallowed creatures, which fall prone in a space within 15 feet of her. If Rajara dies, a swallowed creature is no longer restrained by her and can escape from her corpse by using 20 feet of movement, exiting prone.

Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +15 to hit, reach 10ft., one target. Hit: 22 (4d6+8) slashing damage and if the target is Large size or smaller it must succeed at a DC 23 Dexterity saving throw or be grappled by Rajara (escape DC 23).

Tail. Melee Weapon Attack: +15 to hit, reach 20ft., one target. Hit: 22 (4d6+8) bludgeoning damage and if the target is Large size or smaller it must succeed at a DC 23 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone or pushed up to 30 feet (Rajara’s choice).

Breath Weapon (Recharge 5-6). Rajara uses one of the following breath weapons.

Lightning Breath: Rajara exhales lightning in a 240-foot line that is 10 feet wide. Each creature in that line must make a DC 23 Constitution saving throw, taking 70 (20d6) lightning damage on a failed save and are incapacitated for 1 round, a successful saving throw halves the damage and negates the incapacitation effect.

Tidal Breath: Rajara exhales freezing water in a 120-foot cone. Each creature in that cone must make a DC 23 Strength saving throw, taking 35 (10d6) bludgeoning damage plus 35 (10d6) cold damage on a failed save and are knocked prone or pushed up to 30 feet (Rajara’s choice), a successful saving throw halves the damage and negates the push or prone effect.

Unleash the Depths (Recharges after a Short or Long rest). Rajara chooses a point within 120 feet of her where she tears through reality, creating a manifestation point. She chooses one of the following effects to issue from this manifestation point.

Fury: Rajara can direct a barrage of tendrils formed of lightning and water to issue forth and strike any number of creatures of her choice that she can see within 120 feet of the manifestation point. Each target must make a DC 23 Dexterity saving throw, taking 35 (10d6) cold damage plus 35 (10d6) lightning damage on a failed save and are restrained for 1 round, a successful saving throw halves the damage and negates the restrained effect. The tendrils then vanish.

Transport: Rajara and any number of willing creatures of her choice that she can see within 120 feet of the manifestation point are grasped by tendrils of water and yanked through space and time. The tendrils teleport Rajara and the chosen creatures to a point of her choice that she has visited within the past 24 hours, crossing planar boundaries if necessary. The tendrils then vanish.

Alter Reality (Recharges after a Short or Long rest). Rajara can cause a fundamental alteration in the fabric of reality. This ability functions as a wish spell with the following modifications. The spell requires no components, and the spell does not cause her to suffer from wish stress, but she cannot use this ability to create effects and duplicate spells that are antithetical to her nature and province. She can use this ability to create a miracle or other form of divine intervention, and can also use this ability to bestow a blessing, curse, or supernatural gift upon a mortal creature.

Flaring Luminescence.
Rajara causes the bioluminescent spots all over her body to flash with brilliant light. Each creature of her choice within 5 feet of her that can see her must make a DC 23 Constitution saving throw or be blinded for 1 round.

Reactive Shift.
When Rajara takes damage, she can shift herself partially out of time, halving the damage that she takes.

Rajara can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. She can forgo using them, and she can’t use them while incapacitated or otherwise unable to take actions. If surprised, she can’t use them until after her first turn in the combat. Rajara regains spent legendary actions at the end of her turn. If Rajara has any unspent legendary actions at the start of her turn, she can use her remaining legendary actions, ignoring the usual requirements and restrictions for doing so.

Bend Time. Rajara bends time around one creature she can see within 240 feet of her. That creature must make a DC 23 Wisdom saving throw or be affected by a slow or haste spell (Rajara’s choice) for 1 round. This ability does not require concentration, and a creature affected by haste does not suffer from lethargy when the effect ends.

Grasping Coils. Rajara conjures coils of force and water around one creature she can see within 240 feet of her. That creature must make a DC 23 Strength saving throw or be restrained for 1 round. As an action, a creature can free itself or another creature from the coils by succeeding on a DC 23 Strength check.

Move. Rajara moves up to one-half her speed.

Power of the Deep (Costs 2 Actions). Rajara takes an action.

If Rajara’s mythic trait is active, she can use the options below as legendary actions for 1 hour after using Time’s Protection.

Exile From Time. Rajara forces one creature she can see within 240 feet of her into a dream realm she has imagined into being. That creature must make a DC 23 Charisma saving throw or be banished to a dream demiplane for 1 round. The creature can use its action to make a DC 23 Charisma check, ending the effect on a success. When the effect ends, the creature reappears in the space it left, or in the nearest unoccupied space if that one is occupied.

Glimpse All Possibilities. Rajara glimpses the future, gaining the benefits of a foresight spell for 1 round.

Shatter Timeline. Rajara shatters the timeline of another creature she can see within 240 feet of her. That creature must make a DC 23 Charisma saving throw or Rajara creates a temporal echo of that creature in the unoccupied space nearest to them. The temporal echo functions as a simulacrum of the creature, acts just after the original creature in the initiative order, and is under Rajara’s complete control. The temporal echo possesses nonmagical versions of all gear the affected creature is wearing or carrying, and disappears along with all of its equipment at the end of its turn. Rajara cannot use this ability on a temporal echo, and once a creature has been affected by this mythic action it becomes immune to it for 24 hours.

When fighting inside her lair, Rajara can invoke the ambient magic to take lair actions. On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), Rajara takes a lair action and generates one of the following effects. She can’t do so while incapacitated or otherwise unable to take actions. If surprised, she can’t use one until after her first turn in the combat. Rajara cannot use the same lair action two rounds in a row.
  • Rajara forms a wall out of the substance of the Crystal Athenaeum. This functions as a wall of stone spell with the following modifications. It does not require concentration, each of the panels has 10 hit points per inch of thickness, and it lasts until Rajara uses this lair action again or until she dies.
  • Rajara causes the surface of the Crystal Athenaeum within a 240 foot radius of herself to become covered in a layer of ice. Until initiative count 20 on the next round, the area becomes difficult terrain, and any creature other than Rajara that enters the area or starts its turn there must make a DC 23 Dexterity saving throw or fall prone.
  • Rajara causes the surface of the Crystal Athenaeum within a 240 foot radius of herself to become electrically charged. Until initiative count 20 on the next round, any creature other than Rajara that moves into or within the area takes 2 (1d4) lightning damage for every 5 feet that it moves.

Creature Sense.
Rajara is aware of the presence of creatures within 240 feet of her that have an Intelligence score of 3 or higher. She knows the distance and direction to each creature, as well as each creature’s Intelligence score, but can’t sense anything else about it. A creature protected by a mind blank spell, a nondetection spell, or similar magic can’t be perceived in this manner.

Divine Awareness. Rajara knows if she hears a lie.

Immortality. Rajara is immortal and cannot die from natural causes, she does not age, and she does not need to eat, sleep, drink, or breathe.

Province Sense. Rajara has a limited ability to sense events involving her provinces. She automatically senses any event that involves 10 or more aquatic dragons (any dragon with an innate swim speed), the discovery of any lost knowledge that will have an impact on 1000 or more individuals, and major changes to the timestream that could radically alter the course of the future. She also senses whenever one of her names or titles is spoken. When Rajara senses an event, she merely knows that the event is occurring and where it is, she receives no sensory information about the event. Once she notices an event, she can use her remote sensing power to perceive the event.

Ritual Casting. Rajara can cast the following spells as rituals as if she knew the spells and had them prepared. She requires no components when casting rituals this way.
  • 1st level: alarm, ceremony, detect magic, identify, purify food and drink, unseen servant
  • 2nd level: animal messenger, augury, beast sense, magic mouth, silence, skywrite
  • 3rd level: water breathing, water walk
  • 4th level: divination
  • 5th level: commune with nature, contact other plane
  • 6th level: forbiddance
Visions of the Past (Recharges after a Short or Long rest). Rajara can call up visions of the past that relate to an object she holds or her immediate surroundings, and can mentally contact and interrogate the minds and essences of other creatures. She spends at least 1 minute in meditation, then receives dreamlike shadowy glimpses of recent events or creatures she is questioning. She can meditate in this way for 24 minutes, and must maintain concentration during this time, as if she were casting a spell.

Area Reading: As she meditates, she sees visions of recent events in her immediate vicinity (a room, street, tunnel, clearing, or the like, up to a 480 foot cube), going back any amount of time. For each minute she meditates, she learns about one significant event, beginning with the most recent. Significant events typically involve powerful emotions, such as battles and betrayals, marriages and murders, births and funerals. However, they might also include more mundane events that are nevertheless important in her current situation.

Imago Interrogation: As she meditates, she can contact and interrogate the minds and essences of other creatures. For each minute that she meditates, she can ask one question and receive one answer from a single creature of her choice. She can contact creatures regardless of their location or distance, can contact creatures on other planes, and can send her essence backwards in time in order to contact a creature in the past. The questions are answered truthfully, and must be answered in a sentence of reasonable length (no more than 10 words). Contacted creatures can attempt a DC 23 Wisdom saving throw each time they are asked a question to avoid answering, and on a success she can never again target them with Imago Interrogation. Regardless of their saving throw, the creatures have no recollection of their interrogation.

Object Reading: Holding an object as she meditates, she can see visions of the object’s previous owner. After meditating for 1 minute, she learns how the owner acquired and lost the object, as well as the most recent significant event involving the object and that owner. If the object was owned by another creature, going back any amount of time, she can spend 1 additional minute for each owner to learn the same information about that creature.

Alter Form.
Rajara can magically polymorph into any creature that is not antithetical to her nature and province that has a challenge rating equal to or less than her own. Rajara reverts to her true form if she dies, or when she spends an action to change back into her true form. Any equipment Rajara is wearing or carrying is absorbed or borne by the new form (her choice). In a new form, Rajara retains her alignment, hit points, hit dice, ability to speak, proficiencies, legendary resistances, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores, as well as this ability. Her statistics and capabilities are otherwise replaced by those of the new form, except any class features or lair actions and regional effects of that form. Rajara can also assume the form of an object that is not antithetical to her nature and province, doing so follows the same rules for turning into a creature. Additionally, Rajara can use this ability to cause minor changes to her form, and can increase or decrease her size category by any amount that she chooses (this does not change any of her game statistics except for her size and reach).

Knowledge of the Ages. Rajara can choose one skill or tool. Until she uses this ability again she has proficiency with the chosen skill or tool.

Remote Communication. Rajara can speak to one of her own worshipers, or to an individual within 240 feet of a site dedicated to her, or within 240 feet of a statue or other likeness of herself. The creature being contacted can receive a telepathic message that only it can hear. Alternatively, Rajara’s voice can seem to issue from the air, the ground, or from some object of her choosing (but not an object or locale dedicated to another deity). In the latter case, anyone within earshot of the sound can hear it. Rajara can send a manifestation, omen, or dream instead of a spoken or telepathic message. The exact nature of this communication is determined by Rajara. Rajara’s remote communication power can cross planar boundaries, and she can carry on one remote communication at a time. Once communication is initiated, Rajara can continue communicating without requiring an action until she decides to end it, or until she chooses to communicate with another creature.

Remote Sensing. Rajara can extend her senses to perceive anything within a radius of 240 feet around one of her worshipers, holy sites, or other objects or locales sacred to herself. This effect can also be centered on any place where someone speaks any of Rajara’s names or titles for up to 1 hour after the name is spoken, and at any location when an event related to Rajara’s province occurs. Rajara’s remote sensing power can cross planar boundaries, and it does not create a magical sensor that other creatures can detect. Rajara can extend her senses to a single remote location and still sense what’s going on near her. Once Rajara chooses a remote location to sense, she automatically receives sensory information from that location until she chooses a new location to sense, or until she can no longer sense the location.

The region containing Rajara’s lair is warped by her presence, which creates the following effects:
  • Brilliantly hued coral grows in abundance within 6 miles of Rajara’s lair, forming a maze of labyrinthian structures and passages in the area around her lair. The coral acts as 20-foot-high, 20-foot-thick walls that block line of sight. Each 10-foot cube of coral has AC 5, 30 hit points, resistance to fire damage, and immunity to psychic damage. Any creature that attempts to approach the Crystal Athenaeum through any method other than teleportation finds itself at the start of the coral maze, and must travel through it in order to reach her lair. This occurs regardless of what direction and angle the creature was approaching her lair from. Rajara can choose to exclude creatures from this effect.
  • All aquatic creatures within 6 miles of Rajara’s lair that have an Intelligence score of 2 or lower are charmed by her. Such creatures serve as her eyes and ears around her lair.
  • All bodies of water within Rajara’s lair become useable as the focus component for scrying magic. Any creature with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher inside her lair can cast scrying as an innate spell once per day, requiring no components other than a body of water as a focus.
If Rajara dies, aquatic creatures around her lair are no longer charmed by her and lose their link to her. The coral maze remains, but creatures are no longer forced to travel through it. Other conditions surrounding her lair return to normal over the course of 1d10 days.
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The Luminescent Oracle, The Shifting Serpent


Common Symbol: A black pearl engraved with a blue draconic eye

Portfolio/Province: Aquatic dragons, lost knowledge, possible futures and alternate pathways

Alignment: CN

Worshipper Alignment: Any

Favored Weapon: Spear (bite)

Home Plane: Material Plane

Domain Name: The Crystal Athenaeum

Allies: Aasterinian, Garl Glittergold

Foes: Asmodeus, Vecna

Relationships: Tiamat (antagonistic but not hostile)

Superior: None

Temples: Seaside caves

Worshippers: Aquatic dragons, those seeking lost knowledge or glimpses of the future

Divine Servants: None currently

Sacred Animal: Sea snake

Sacred Colors: Blue, black

Divine Status:
Lesser Idol

Rajara’s Champions


Suggested Classes: Cleric, Druid, Mystic (UA), Warlock

Suggested Cleric Domains: Knowledge

Suggested Warlock Pacts: Lurker in the Deep (UA)

Suggested Backgrounds: Outlander, Sage, Sailor

Earning and Losing Piety

You increase your piety score to Rajara when you expand her influence in the world in a concrete way through acts such as these:

  • Recovering forgotten knowledge or lost items.
  • Building or consecrating a shrine to Rajara.
  • Teaching peaple about Rajara, and bringing others into her clergy.
Your piety score to Rajara decreases if you diminish her influence in the world, or contradict her ideals through acts such as these:

  • Causing catastrophic change.
  • Sharing information that Rajara has decided to keep secret.
  • Furthering the aims of another deity in defiance to Rajara’s will.
Rajara’s Devotee (Piety 3+ Rajara trait). You can cast command with this trait a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for this spell.

Rajara’s Votary (Piety 10+ Rajara trait). You can cast blink with this trait. Once you cast the spell in this way, you cant do so again until you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for this spell.

Rajara’s Disciple (Piety 25+ Rajara trait). You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed or restrained.

Champion of Change (Piety 50+ Rajara trait). You increase your Dexterity or Charisma score by 2, and also increase your maximum for that score by 2.

Rajara’s Favor

The following table provides some suggestions as to possible connections between Rajara and a mortal follower.

1You dream of something calling to you from the deep ocean.
2A black scaled dragonborn once offered you advice and assistance when you needed it most.
3When seeking out knowledge, you came across a shrine to Rajara, upon which was the answer that you sought.
4When you look at others, you sometimes see different versions of them, like who they could have been had they chosen a different path.
5A monsterous sea serpent swallowed you whole, you awoke to find yourself on dry land with a black pearl in your grasp.
6You have no idea why Rajara showed interest in you and you sometimes wish that she hadn’t.

Devotion to Rajara/ Rajaran Ideals

As a follower of Rajara, consider the ideals on the following table as alternatives to those suggested for your background.

1Devotion. My devotion to my goddess is more important to me than what she stands for (Any)
2Change. I strive to change myself and others for the better (Good)
3Knowledge. I seek to know all that I can about things whch have been lost to time or to the sea (Neutral)
4Power. The best thing about knowing something is getting to use it against everyone else (Evil)
5Foresight. Knowing the future will allow me to better prepare myself for it (Neutral or Lawful)
6Freedom. I will go where the tides take me and will not tie myself down (Neutral or Chaotic)

Bite of Eons

Simple weapon (spear), melee weapon, artifact (requires attunement)

1d6 piercing - thrown (20/60 ft.), versatile (1d8)

A Splinter of Time. Rajara’s weapon functions as a spear that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. When you hit with an attack using the spear, the target takes an extra 1d8 cold damage and 1d8 lightning damage. Additionally if you score a critical hit with the spear, the target is subjected to a time ravage spell (spell DC 18)

Blessing of Rajara. If you are a worshipper of Rajara, you gain all of the following benefits for which you have the required piety

Piety 10+. You can breathe underwater, and you gain a swimming speed of 60 feet.

Piety 25+. The spear has 1 randomly determined minor beneficial property

If you aren’t a worshipper of Rajara, the spear has 2 randomly determined minor detrimental properties.

Destroying the Spear. To destroy the spear, it must be brought to a place where time does not flow, and subjected to a disintegrate spell or other effect which would completely destroy it.


Rajara (ra-jar-a) The Luminescent Oracle is a recently ascended draconic goddess who embodies the power of the ocean and the dragons who live in it, as well as the lost knowledge that they possess. She also exemplifies the flow of water and its connection to the flow of time, the currents that can steer and shape the lives of mortals and dragons alike. Whereas Chronepsis represents the end of all things, time included, and the fate that all dragons must eventually go to, Rajara embodies the possibility that time has to change. Her ascension stands as proof that nothing is immutable, not even the children of Io.


Rajara’s origins are murky. The first time in recorded history that a dragon bearing her name and identity appeared was a century before her ascension, emerging from the sea alongside the early members of her faith. What little she has disclosed of her history is that she was a dragon oracle who lived far back in the world’s distant past, serving from a young age as a proxy for a now forgotten deity. She passed on messages and prophecies that were granted to her by her patron, and served as an oracle for many of the mortal races. Her status as a divine proxy granted her a small spark of deific power, a spark which would remain with her even after a catastrophic event turned her world upside down. Rajara awoke one day to find that the world had suddenly changed, ages had passed, and her patron had gone completely silent.

Rajara spent much of the next 100 years working to gather information on the world while striking out on her own path to power and knowledge. She slowly began building a cult around herself, using the limited power that she could grant through her divine spark as a lure to bring individuals into her cult of followers. She also spent a not inconsiderable amount of time on other planes of existence, although whether she was searching for her silent patron, planning her own eventual ascension, or doing something else entirely is largely unclear. Rumors point towards Rajara being involved in a large scale investigation of the Lady of Pain’s temporary absence from the city of doors, an investigation that concluded days before Rajara returned to the Material Plane as a fledgling deity.

The nature of Rajara’s ascension is little known, and she refuses to discuss specifics, referring to it in cryptic terms if at all. There is some speculation that Aasterinian, her closest ally, might know the path she took, but if so, Aasterinian has been uncharacteristically unforthcoming with the information, given her love of gossip and mayhem.

What type of dragon Rajara was before her ascension is a mystery, and she is not forthcoming on the topic, leaving many to speculate that she may not want any stereotyping or prejudice that may be attached to whatever species of dragon she was originally to be applied to her.

Rajara’s Influence

Rajara has claimed influence over aquatic dragons and draconic creatures, wyrms that have an innate swimming ability and an affinity for water. Such wyrms range from the foul tempered black dragons, to more noble bronze dragons and surly topaz dragons. Since many such wyrms already are part of existing draconic groups, Rajara has largely kept her influence to lesser known wyrms and draconic offshoots, such as Kyrn’s sea dragons, dragon turtles, dragon eels, and other similar draconic creatures. Most of her influence however, lies in the domain and flow of time, the pathways of the future, and what can be. She is the changing of the tides, the shift in the waves, the reminder that nothing is immutable. She is a force for change, and her influence over time reflects this, she is the pathway that was never taken, yet the one that can still be reached. Rajara also holds some sway over lost knowledge, particularly knowledge which has been lost to the sea or to the mists of time, and knows much that has been forgotten by mortals.


Rajara is a collector both of knowledge and those things that have been lost to the sea (either literally or metaphorically). However she is perfectly willing to share what she knows and has access to with those who worship her or seek her out, provided that the individual undergoes a small test or trial before she shares the information with them. Such test or trials are a relic of her days as an oracle, and Rajara frequently uses such tests and trials as a way of furthering her own agenda, sending individuals on tasks that will benefit her in the long term. Esoteric forms of magic and power, such as psionics, and rarer, more obscure sources of power such as Dunamancy, fascinate her. She has gone to great lengths to learn about such abilities and to study such sources of power. Rajara’s demeanor is usually playful and mysterious. She has a fondness for riddles and mysteries, and she possesses an intense sense of curiosity, somewhat tempered by the knowledge and wisdom which she has gained.

Rajara’s Goals

Rajara seeks to learn more. The past and the future both hold immesurable amounts of knowledge, and she seeks to learn all she can about such things. While she has some interest in mundane knowledge, she primarily seeks out knowledge that will provide benefits to her and her faithful. Such knowledge ranges from things as simple as what time she will need to arrive in order to not miss a meeting, to as complex as the long forgotten methods behind the creation of many artifacts. Knowledge of esoteric magic and strange forms of magical power is especially prized by her. She has experimented repeatedly with esoteric magical abilities, and has been looking into things such as the artificial granting of psionic powers to members of her clergy, if not even more obscure abilities.

In addition to learning more, Rajara seeks to establish her following and faith on the material plane, and wishes to guide and protect those who follow her. She is not satisfied with the current status quo, and has been pushing to establish herself as an independent power on the material plane, allowing her to still be directly involved in the lives of her worshippers in a way that more powerful deities are unable to be. She also works to explore and understand her own abilities and the new responsibilities that she has due to her minor divine status.

Divine Relationships

Rajara’s status as an extremely new deity in an extremely old pantheon, one who ascended without the direct influence of the Ninefold Dragon, has placed her in the unusual position of being an outsider in the very pantheon she should be a part of. She claims to have had brief contact with Bahamut and Tiamat before her ascension, but has had no known interactions with either since then. The only member of the draconic pantheon she is known to have had significant interactions with is Aasterinian.

Rajara has maintained frequent contact with Io’s Daughter, and has sometimes journeyed with Aasterinian on adventures around the material plane, or assisted with some of her pranks. Rajara has gone to the Dawn Reveler’s realm of Brassberg on several occasions, and a dragon matching Rajara’s description has been known to perform in Brassberg’s theater district. Rajara regards Aasterinian as a mentor and a role model, if not something more, as unconfirmed reports point towards Rajara having an affair with Aasterinian.

Amongst non-draconic powers the only one who Rajara might count as an ally is Garl Glittergold, whom Rajara supposedly knows through the gnomish god’s contact with Aasterinian. Rajara indicated that Garl displayed an uncharacteristic interest in her well-being, and offered substantial advice and assistance to her the last time the two of them met. Despite this, she is unsure if the gnomish god’s interest in her is merely a passing one, or if he would actually come to her aid if she were forced into a direct confrontation with another deity.

When it comes to divine enemies, Rajara has earned the enmity of both Vecna and Asmodeus. She earned Vecna’s ire after she assisted Aasterinian in battle against Vecna, eventually delivering the killing blow to the Whispered One’s severely weakened avatar, and she earned Asmodeus’s ire for helping a much larger contingent of divine and near divine beings disrupt one of the Lord of the Nine’s long term plans. Vecna’s occupation with the world of Oerth has kept her relatively safe from his retaliation, while the significantly more prepared Asmodeus is not able to strike at her effectively as long as she resides on the material plane. She frequently clashes with Vecna’s followers, as her pursuit of lost knowledge conflicts with the Whispered One’s own goals. She is much more cautious in her dealings with the Lord of the Nine and his faithful, as neither she nor her limited number of followers have the strength to directly oppose Asmodeus.


In her true form, Rajara appears as a great serpentine dragon extending 120 feet from snout to tail tip. Her smooth black scales are so fine as to be virtually indistinguishable from each other, and absorb all light that comes into contact with them. The only color present in Rajara’s scales comes from the blue bioluminescent spots that adorn her head, neck, body, limbs, wings, and tail. Her hornless head is sleek and shaped like the head of a snake, her jaws are hinged like a serpents, and her teeth are sharp and recurved. Her head is adorned with four lures, two trailing from her lower jaw, and two emerging from the top of her head, each glowing with deep blue bioluminescent light. Her large eyes are the same shade of blue as her lures, although her cat like pupils are large enough that only the very outermost edges of her irises are visible. Her neck is short and frill less, and can expand to accommodate anything she can get her jaws around. Her body is likewise free of any adornments, being little more than a thick coil of muscle with six limbs emerging from it. Her legs are short, and thick webbing extends between each of her widely spaced toes, nearly obscuring her hooked claws. Her wings are short and rounded, shaped more like half of an oval rather than a traditional wing, but are incredibly powerful and are capable of propelling her through both air and water. Her tail is long, thick, and paddle like, shaped like the tail of an enormous sea snake.

When interacting with humanoids she typically takes the form of a black scaled dragonborn with aquatic features. Each of her hair tendrils has a blue bioluminescent tip, and she typically wears flowing deep blue garments when on the surface. If expecting combat Rajara eschews these garments in favor of a custom suit of form-fitting armor that appears to be formed of living coral, although it is far stronger and more flexible than its appearance suggests. Rajara has a pair of divine artifacts which she wields in both of her forms. The first is bite of eons, a great spear that subjects those whom it strikes to crippling aging effects, a critical blow from the weapon puts whomever it strikes weeks away from death by old age. The second is the diadem of remembrance, a simple crystal band which allows her to attune herself to magic items, spells, and effects, bypassing normal limitations and requirements for attunement.

Manifestations and Omens

Rajara often sends manifestations and omens to her followers, using them to subtly nudge individuals along paths that she wishes them to follow. She commonly manifests as points of glowing blue light in dark places, forming a pathway or trail that leads off into the distance. She usually does this to guide followers to pieces of knowledge that she wishes them to have, or to guide followers to a safe location. She also manifests as an ever shifting serpent of water emerging from lakes, rivers, or from the coalescing of mist or rain. The serpent speaks in Rajara’s voice, and she usually does this to warn followers of an impending attack, or to warn off those who would harass her servants. She also manifests to her followers in the form of prophetic visions and images of possible futures, or in the form of past events seen in reflections on the surface of the water.

Rajara expresses her pleasure through the discovery of perfectly formed black pearls in unexpected locations, the miraculous survival and preservation of writing and images on books or tablets which have fallen or been sitting underwater, and through flashes of inspiration which can lead one of her followers to discover or uncover new knowledge. She expresses her displeasure through the discovery of seemingly perfect pearls which immediately erode away when touched, through the experience of missing chunks of time out of one’s day or inexplicably loosing track of ones sense of time, and through the experiencing of terrifying prophecies or visions in which one is sucked down a whirlpool to the bottom of the ocean and consumed by an unseen creature.

Recent Activities

Rajara is extremely active on the Prime Material Plane world of Toril, though she frequently wanders, seeking out knowledge both new and lost. She spends much of her time conversing with scholars and dragon sages on the nature of time, and monitoring and cultivating her worship amongst both dragons and non-dragons. As the force of personality that holds her current faith together, she actively works to encourage her followers to form bonds with one another, and to strengthen their ties with each other. Although her faith has grown since her ascension, she still in many ways runs her priesthood like she ran her cult, working to establish strong personal ties with members of her clergy. Occasionally she will deal directly with threats to her growing faith, although the sudden appearance of a minor deity and a few words of warning is usually more than enough to quell any aggression.

Alive in a way she hasn’t been for hundreds of years, flush with an immense amount of power which she is only just beginning to scratch the surface of, Rajara often wanders the material plane to blow off steam and to have some fun when not actively engaged in any other task. She rarely discloses her identity to those whom she interacts with during such wanderings, leaving it up to them to figure things out for themselves.

Rajara’s Worshippers

Rajara’s faith is small, but is slowly growing among various species of aquatic dragons, who up until she ascended had very little direct representation amongst the draconic pantheon. Some of Rajara’s worshippers are various species of aquatic dragons, although she has a non-dragon following which far outstrips the number of dragons who worship her. Currently Rajara accepts aquatic dragons of any alignment into her small priesthood, even those whose alignments stand opposed to hers. At this stage she does not wish to turn aside any potential members of her small clergy when her priesthood is in such a vulnerable state. This has led to problems amongst her worshippers, and what starts out as verbal arguments can lead to bloodshed amongst her followers. Rajara has spent much of her time trying to contain the damage and ease the tensions amongst her priesthood, and already she is having second thoughts about her decision.

Rajara’s non-draconic following consists of both aquatic races and humanoids who live along the ocean, including anglers, merchants, sailors, pirates, and underwater treasure seekers. Amongst the aquatic denizens of the Material Plane, the majority of her worshippers are a tribe of Sea Devils whom she converted away from the worship of their god, an action which has earned her and her worshippers no small amount of enmity from the clergy of The Great Shark. The Sahuagin who revered her tend to have more draconic features, and possess higher numbers of mutants (four armed and malenti) than others of their kind. Few of them have been seen in recent years, though the reason for this is currently unclear.

The Church

Rajara’s clergy are not organized in a traditional hierarchy. She frequently settles disputes and arguments amongst her clergy and takes a personal interest in many of its members. Below her is deepwyrm Shadriaz, an adult female topaz dragon who Rajara entrusts with her power and authority. Although significantly more sociable than others of her kind, Shadriaz is still blunt and brutally honest in her dealings with other creatures. She has little patience for excessive niceties, preferring to get straight to the point whenever possible, and those who bore her are liable to end up in her belly. Unlike other topaz dragons, she spends most of her time in water, and all but refuses to set a claw on solid ground, vastly preferring the freedom that flying and swimming gives her. Despite her quirks, Shadriaz is Rajara’s high priestess and advisor, and speaks with Rajara’s full authority.

Below Shadriaz is Lahual, a four armed sahuagin malenti and the former recruiter of the Devotees of The Shifting Serpent (see affiliated orders for details). Lahual is in charge of the non-draconic portion of Rajara’s clergy, and she is primarily responsible for bringing new members into the fold. Having decades of experience managing the Devotees, she has turned her expertise to the much more demanding task of managing Rajara’s burgeoning clergy. Lahual serves as the spokeswoman for Rajara’s faith, she is passionate, charismatic, a shrewd judge of character, and is adapt at telling people what they want to hear. Although largely having forsaken the warlike nature of her kind for a more peaceful existence, Lahual is no less deadly in battle, and has been granted obscure and powerful magic by Rajara herself.

The remaining members of Rajara’s clergy, dragon and non-dragon alike, operate within a loose system where the members of her clergy who have been a part of her faith the longest generally have the most influence. Unlike with many other members of the draconic pantheon, humans, humanoids, and the rare half dragons who worship Rajara are all allowed to become full members of the clergy, something which has caused further tensions among the few dragons who worship her.

Rajara’s priesthood occupies an unusual place within draconic society, being mostly relevant to aquatic dragons and those wyrms who spend much of their time in water, and as of yet her priests haven’t quite figured out how to interact with priests and clergy of other draconic gods. The reverse is also true, as the unexpected appearance of a new member of the draconic pantheon has left many faiths unsure how to deal with her clergy. Tentative communication between priests of Rajara and some priests of Aasterinian has occurred, with some priests of Rajara offering information and aid in their travels (especially travels concerning the sea). Most such aid has however, been cheekily refused on principal. Amongst non-draconic society her priesthood is typically regarded as a dragon worshipping cult rather than a true religion, due to its newness and its relative lack of social and political power. Amongst underwater societies her clergy are generally mistrusted due to their association with the group of Sea Devils who Rajara has as worshippers, and her faithful often keep to themselves unless they are specifically called upon.


Rajara teaches that the dragons that live in and around the sea are the embodiments of water’s power and capacity for change. For her worshippers, water is a source of power, a force that erodes things in its way to dust while providing freedom and life to those who embrace it. Rajara sees the flows of water as a reflection of the flows of time, and teaches that through one it is possible to reach and see into the other. For Rajara, nothing is ever truly lost, the flows of time hold all things in their currents, even those that have been forgotten. She teaches that the path of an individual’s life is not set, it flows and changes throughout time and the currents of a creatures life and the lives of others can be seen and altered. She pushes her followers to create lasting ties and bonds with others, both inside and outside the faith. For her, knowledge does not exist in isolation, nor should those who seek it out.

Commandments of Rajara

Always seek out ways to change yourself and others for the better.

Embrace alternate possibilities for yourself, and never get too attached to who you are in the here and now.

Share knowledge with those who ask for it, but be mindful of the ripples that such sharing may cause.

Seek out and recover forgotten knowledge and lost items.

Day-to-Day Activities

Draconic followers of Rajara spend much of their time seeking out lost treasures and forgotten lore, often traveling far from their established lairs in pursuit of such items and information. Many of the dragons who worship her possess a pronounced playful streak that colors their interactions with others and tend to be as mercurial as the sea itself, although this streak rarely causes them to lose focus for long on whatever larger goal they are pursuing.

Non-dragon members of Rajara’s priesthood often act as oracles as well as sages on various obscure topics, using their knowledge to advise others on the best courses of action or to guide other on journeys beneath the ocean. Many of her followers seek out prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled and try to steer them along a beneficial path, although what path qualifies as beneficial depends on the individual in question. Despite their work, many followers of Rajara possess a strong sense of curiosity and a passionate streak that can be off-putting to those who expect them to be dry and scholarly in their pursuits. Most of her worshippers seek to disseminate knowledge relatively freely while keeping information and truths that would be highly dangerous a secret, leaving it up to their goddess to decide whether or not to reveal that information to other mortals. Of particular note are magical secrets and obscure magical abilities, which are almost religiously hoarded by members of her clergy. The rise of a new deity will almost certainly lead to conflicts with existing members of the pantheon, and any advantage that her clergy can gain will aid them in such a conflict. This behavior has however raised no small amount of suspicion, and it is cutting dangerously close to going against Rajara’s publicly stated tenets. Since such secrets are only shared to those who are fully initiated into the clergy, and since initiations are overseen by Rajara herself, she is almost certainly turning a blind eye to such behavior, if she is not actively responsible for it.

Important Ceremonies/Holy Days

The Luminescent Oracle’s clergy has one holy day dedicated to their goddess, the day of ascension, which occurs once per year and marks their goddess’s ascendency. During this time all of her clergy and aspiring clergy, dragon and non-dragon alike, gather at the Crystal Athenaeum (see major centers of worship for details), or gather at a place with water if they cannot gather at her temple. The ceremony takes place at night, all of her clergy are expected to gather before the sun sets, and are expected to stay until the sun rises. The ceremony has two purposes, it serves as a way for the disparate members of Rajara’s clergy to connect with each other and share knowledge and information, and it also serves to bring any new potential members in for initiation.

Rajara’s humanoid worshippers, all in their ceremonial garb, come together in her audience chamber, which has been transformed into a comfortable and relaxing space for her clergy. Existing members of her clergy who gather at her temple share knowledge and items which they have recovered over the past year freely, while those who can peer into the future share what they have learned with other members of the faith. Food and drink are served during the gathering, and the entire event is overseen by Lahual.

Rajara’s few draconic worshippers gather outside her temple in the great coral reef that surrounds it, in a gathering overseen by Shadriaz. They also engage in the sharing of information with each other, and after much debate and haggling, exchange several items in their hoards with each other, a practice encouraged by Rajara to break the ice between her often disparate draconic followers. Rajara’s draconic clergy have also started to oversee important ceremonies revolving around various aquatic dragon species, although the details of these ceremonies are not widely known outside of their participants.

Rajara’s aspiring clergy, dragon and non-dragon alike, are faced with the formidable and overwhelming experience of having to pass through the portal into Rajara’s personal chambers for a one on one audience with the goddess herself. What happens during such meetings is an intensely personal and spiritual experience, and is not discussed even amongst members of her clergy. What is known is that each initiation is unique to each individual, as is the way in which Rajara appears and the way she interacts with each individual. Those who come back out through the portal are changed by the experience.

Unknown to the initiates, they have likely already spoken to Rajara prior to their initiation. Rajara attends the ceremonies herself in different forms, oftentimes appearing as just another aspiring member of the clergy or young aquatic dragon as she engages in the sharing of knowledge and information. She has a very thorough cover story prepared during each ceremony, and considers it somewhat of a game to keep her clergy guessing as to which member they have interacted with is actually their goddess in disguise. After all of the initiates are sent back out, she sometimes privately discusses important matters with select members of her clergy, otherwise she is content to observe and interact with her worshippers.

Worshippers of Rajara who cannot attend the ceremony at the temple find a large body of water in which they can place any recovered items and written knowledge. They do this just after midnight of the previous day, and leave them there until midnight on the day of ascension, retrieving them unharmed from the water only after the day is over. Those who have pleased Rajara will be granted flashes of knowledge to aid them over the year to come.

Major Centers of Worship

Shrines to Rajara are simple structures, usually carved out of rock or coral or whatever material is local to the environment, such shrines always have at least one surface that is dry so that knowledge and information can be placed and inscribed on it. Her shrines are commonly located in seaside caves, especially ones that are reachable from both the land and the sea. Pilgrims and visitors are encouraged to leave scraps of knowledge and information on the dry parts of the shrine, with the knowledge that those who come along later may peruse the collective information freely. Objects which have been found lost in the sea are also commonly left at the shrines, and many who have lost valuables or objects of sentimental importance have taken to visiting shrines dedicated to Rajara in order to see if any of their missing items have been left as offerings.

The only existing temple to Rajara lies on the world of Toril far out in the sea. Called the Crystal Athenaeum, the singular temple to Rajara is also her divine domain, and those who visit can meet the goddess personally if she desires such a meeting. The temple is a massive opaque crystal dome that rests on the sea floor, with a single tower extending all the way from the center of the dome to the surface of the ocean, protruding from the sea like a lighthouse. A great coral reef stretches out from the dome in all directions, carpeting the sea bed in (sometimes poisonous) coral. Some of the coral is shaped in such a way as to form structures, and some of these structures are high enough that they nearly reach the surface. Draconic writings cover every single inch and surface of the Crystal Athenaeum, pieces of forgotten knowledge, fragments of prophecy, and divine insights, all etched into the crystalline walls of the place.

Visitors to the temple can enter from either the protruding spire above the sea or from an entrance far below the water. Rajara’s will prevents any water from entering it, thus the temple has no external doors, just openings in the spire and the dome that allow anyone to enter if they wish, with both being large enough to let dragons inside. Thousands of books and scrolls line the walls of the temple alongside relics and items recovered from the depths of the ocean and even other planes of existence. Great treasures of the sea, such as immense pearls and works of underwater art crafted by various undersea cultures are prominently displayed in the hallways alongside obscure texts on forgotten knowledge. Immense chambers large enough for dragons serve as libraries and meeting rooms for her faithful. Magical curtains take the place of doors, providing privacy and noise canceling when the occupants desire it. Sections of the sanctum can become transparent to allow those inside to look out upon the ocean, and water filled scrying pools allow for remote viewing of distant locals. Softly glowing balls of magical light float around the temple, providing illumination for those who cannot see in the dark.

The Crystal Athenaeum also functions as Rajara’s hoard, containing almost all of her material wealth and possessions scattered across various chambers. Many of the more valuable items and items of sentimental importance are displayed prominently outside of the chamber where Rajara holds court with her clergy and any visitors who seek a direct audience with her. Petitioners of Rajara (whom have access to many of the memories that they did in life due to her direct intervention) reside in the temple, frequently exchanging knowledge with members of her current clergy, although they will rarely interact with individuals who are not members of her faith.

For all of its majesty, the dome is only one half of an immense sphere. The lower half, buried in the sea floor, is Rajara’s sanctum. Accessible only through a portal that lies inside Rajara’s audience chamber, her sanctum is off limits to any save the dragon herself or those who she brings with her. In the lightless chambers below her temple, illuminated only by her own lures, Rajara stores knowledge and information that she believes are too dangerous for most others to know about, as well as cursed artifacts and relics recovered by her clergy. She conducts mystical experiments in the chambers below her temple, experimenting with her divine power and peering into the past and future.

Affiliated Orders

The Devotees of the Shifting Serpent were a group of humans and humanoids who functioned as Rajara’s clergy before she had any draconic followers. Acting more as a fringe cult rather than a church or official clergy, the Devotees primarily consisted of humans and sahuagin, with a few other species filling out the remaining ranks of the cult. The Devotee members were absorbed into Rajara’s new clergy after her ascension.

Priestly Vestments

The holy symbol used by the clergy is typically a rounded black pearl engraved with the image of a blue draconic eye. Rajara uses her divine power to craft such pearls and personally gives each member of her clergy one of them upon their successful initiation. Ceremonial garb used by non-draconic clergy usually consists of flowing clothing of blue and black, and coral is sometimes used as decoration by her clergy during important ceremonies.

Adventuring Garb

Non-draconic clergy of Rajara favor armor and weapons that they can make use of underwater. Those who Rajara favors may be gifted a suit of custom coral armor not unlike the one that she sometimes wears, crafted from the coral that grows outside her temple. While traveling on land her clergy tend to go about in whatever style is local for the region so as not to stand out, unless they are in a place where their goddess is openly worshipped.

Rajara in A Campaign

Rajara is a force for change, and her role in a campaign should reflect this. Her burgeoning clergy are not passive forces, hanging out in their temples and shrines, but are activly trying to create there own place for themselves in the world. Whether this means building and consecrating new shrines to their goddess, seeking out relics and lost knowledge, or attempting to uncover truths that should be best left hidden, members of Rajara’s clergy should always be on the move. This provides opportunities not only for players to interact with members of Rajara’s faith, but also provides excellent opportunities for adventurers who serve or worship Rajara to go adventuring. Although she is nominally a draconic goddess, the majority of Rajara’s current faith still consists of non dragons, and she has no issues lending her power and resources to those who can assist her or her clergy. Her wanderings throughout the material plane put her in contact with all manner of individuals, and she is quick to bestow her favor on those who she deems worthy or who interest her. What criteria she uses in selecting these individuals is unclear, although her ability to look into possible futures may play a large role in who she selects, even if from an outsiders persepective her selections can seem random. She can easily serve as a patron for adventurers, offering information and aid in exchange for occasional favors. Outside of Rajara herself, Lahual is the most likely choice as a ally or patron of the PC’s. As the unofficial face of Rajara’s burgeoning clergy, she is highly involved in most affairs involving the Luminescent Oracles cult, and activly works to bring new members into the fold. She may well offer to initiate one or more of the PC’s if they show potential, and can otherwise serve as a main point of contact with the cult and as a questgiver if need be. Shadriaz is unlikely to pay much attention to the PC’s at first, given that she deals primarely with the draconic potion of Rajara’s clergy. However the topaz dragon, if suitably impressed, may play the role of a stern patron to the PC’s, and may even assist them directly from time to time. As her focus is primarely on other dragons, PC’s who work with Shadriaz can be expected to be involved in draconic affairs, from dealing with other hostile wyrms to figuring out how to survive in the dangerous arena of draconic politics and relationships. Regardless of what role they ultimately play in a campaign, Rajara and her worshippers are not idle forces, they will always be forces of disruption and change.

Rajara as A Campaign Villain

Although her most likely role in a campaign is as an ally to the PC’s or as an independent power, it is possible to run a campaign where Rajara and her clergy clash with the player characters. Several of the aquatic dragons who worship or grudingly serve Rajara are uncaring or outright evil, with there service to her just another means of gaining power. These wyrms play a dangerous game, counting on Rajara’s reluctance to turn away worshippers, and her protectivness of her clergy, to allow them to freely engage in their ambitions without facing reprisal. Such wyrms likely rely on blackmail, subterfuge, and cunning as much as brute force, and defeating one requires not only besting them in combat, but also ensuring that Rajara and other members of her clergy do not take offense with the wyrms death. Shadriaz is likely to pay the PC’s a visit after such an event, and if the PC’s do not choose their words and actions carefully, they may find themselves a target of the topaz dragons ire.

Some of Rajara’s non dragon worshippers are not particularly altruistic either, and if they encounter the PC’s while searching for lost artifacts or knowledge, they may see the PC’s as potential rivals. Lahual is less likely to be a physical threat to the PC’s if they ever have a reason to confront her, but her magical abilities are significant, and she could easily turn other members of Rajara’s faith against them through her own personal charisma.

Rajara herself can take on the role of a rival or antagonist in a high level campaign. Her ability to directly interact with the material plane means that she is free to interfere in the lives of mortals as she sees fit. If a serious threat to herself or her faith emerges, she will deal with it personally. Fortunately for the PC’s, being on the absolute lowest tier of the divine hierarchy means that Rajara is very much vulnerable to the attacks of powerful mortals. High level PC’s are capable of directly challenging the goddess in combat, although not without great difficulty.

Plot Hooks

The following adventure hooks provide ideas as to how Rajara and her priesthood can be used in a campaign. Although exact levels are not given, the adventures are ordered from lowest to highest level, with the contents being able to be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual game.

Investigation. The PC’s may be called upon to investigate the spread of this new religion, and to ensure that no one is being harmed by it or being coerced into joining it against their will. This investigation is not without its complications, perhapse a group is activly attempting to discredit Rajara’s faith and is working to turn the populace against them, or perhapse there is something amiss with whatever group of her followers the PC’s are investigating. Either way, this can serve as a gateway into any larger plot involving the Shifting Serpent and her clergy.

The Displaced Wyrmling. The PC’s encounter a very strange wyrmling dragon as they are traveling through the wilderness. Despite only being a wyrmling, the dragon has an errie amount of very accurate information on the PC’s, and claims to have met them before, although its details of the meeting are fuzzy. Shortly after encountering the wyrmling, the PC’s meet a member of Rajara’s clergy, who wishes to investigate the unusual wyrmling and is willing to pay the PC’s if they can convince the wyrmling to cooperate. Things only get stranger after the investigation reveals that the wyrmling does not seem to belong in the current timeline, and that its encounter with the PC’s may not have been a friendly one.

Seeking Knowledge. The PC’s need access to valuable information, information that is currently stored in the Crystal Athenaeum. Lahual, the head of Rajara’s non draconic clergy, is willing to give the information to the PC’s, provided that they assist her first. She wishes to reclaim an ancient temple that once belonging to a now forgotten deity, a temple which now lies submerged beneath the waves, and consecrate it to her goddess. Investigating the temple and consecrating it requires successfully fighting off the guardians that still exist to defend it, as well as destroying or disabling the still active shrine consecrated to the long lost power that was once worshipped by the temples inhabitants.

A Most Dangerous Game. A former member of Rajara’s draconic clergy has fled to the city of doors, claiming to have knowledge of several of Rajara’s most valuable secrets. They are supposedly willing to share such information for a truly exuberant price. The possibility of having information that a goddess of knowledge would work to keep hidden has attracted an enormous amount of attention, already multiple different groups have sent agents to scope out the dragon’s current residence. Rajara’s high priestess Shadriaz hires or contacts the PC’s about this, getting them involved in the rapidly escalating mess surrounding the dragon. Does the dragon really have information that they stole from Rajara? What information could be so valuable that they would be willing to betray their own deity and risk Rajara’s wrath, and why would they sell it off to someone else? Or is this all merely an elaborate scheme on their part to gain access to a vast sum of wealth for their own use? Regardless of the truth, the PC’s must move rapidly in order to gain any answers, as other factions are already on the move.

A Deific War. An entity claiming to be the deity that Rajara once served appears on the material plane, demanding that their former proxy relinquish her power and worshippers to themselves. All at once Rajara’s entire faith is thrown into chaos, and Rajara herself refuses to yield to the entities demands. A full blown confrontation looks to be brewing between two beings of godlike power, and it is up to the PC’s to either stop the coming conflict, or to pick a side to back if things come to blows.

Creating this and refining the lore and statistics has taken me weeks worth of time over the course of an entire year. Anything you have to say, anything at all, whether about the lore, the statistics, what you like, what you do not like, and any advice and suggestions you give are all welcome and amazing! Everything about this is subject to change, and as people give feedback I will likely continue to edit and change things based on your own suggestions!


Cool! Thank you for sharing and really awesome dragon deity. A few quick thoughts:
  • The stat block is really long. I would recommend reducing it to is core a bit more. I know I just gave up reading everything after a bit (and I love epic monsters).
  • Have you check the CR? The size of the stat block makes the CR seem low, but I haven't run the numbers. The HP and AC seem in the range (if a bit high) but the other defenses make me think the defensive CR is above 24 (closet to 26 I would guess). I haven't check the attack CR
  • Bonus Actions typical go in the traits section, not the actions section.
  • Remote communication and remote sensing are better left in the deity entry and not the stat block IMO. It would help make the stat block more user friendly. Some idea with ritual casting I would think. The stat block should primarily be for combat relevant abilities to keep it usable.

Also, would it be OK if a link to Rajara over in my 5e Mythic Monster Updates thread?

I agree that the stat block is currently too long and that there are too many non combat abilities mixed in with the combat abilities. I will correct that shortly. The CR is roughly based off of Blog Of Holdings "Monster manual on a business card" post, although I agree that the plethora of defenses might be a bit much. While bonus actions typically go under traits, I decided to give them their own section, as I find it easy to get lost in the traits section and forget about bonus action abilities.

I will make an updated stat block with all of the non-combat abilities moved to the very end and see if that works out better.

You can absolutely link to Rajara over at your mythic monster updates thread, although you might wish to wait until I produce my second draft of the stat block for ease of clarity and use (shouldn't take more than 20 minutes).

Cool! Thank you for sharing and really awesome dragon deity. A few quick thoughts:
  • The stat block is really long. I would recommend reducing it to is core a bit more. I know I just gave up reading everything after a bit (and I love epic monsters).
  • Have you check the CR? The size of the stat block makes the CR seem low, but I haven't run the numbers. The HP and AC seem in the range (if a bit high) but the other defenses make me think the defensive CR is above 24 (closet to 26 I would guess). I haven't check the attack CR
  • Bonus Actions typical go in the traits section, not the actions section.
  • Remote communication and remote sensing are better left in the deity entry and not the stat block IMO. It would help make the stat block more user friendly. Some idea with ritual casting I would think. The stat block should primarily be for combat relevant abilities to keep it usable.

Also, would it be OK if a link to Rajara over in my 5e Mythic Monster Updates thread?

The updated stat block is now in post #2. Do you think that it is more user friendly? I did my best to have only the combat relevant abilities in the first section, and placed all of the out of combat abilities in there own section at the bottom of the statistics block. Hopefully, that should make things easier, and should give more of an idea as to what she can do in a combat scenario.


Crown-Forester (he/him)
Reminds me of the Dragon God of Time/Plane(t) AKA and his splinter deities (Akatosh, Auri-El, Alduin, Ruptga/Tall Papa, Satak-Akel/Satakal, etc) from The Elder Scrolls.

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