Darn spellchecked monsters

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In Magic: the Gathering, they used to just send artists the name of the card to illustrate, and give them leeway to paint what they wanted.


Then many years later they made a joke on the first error when they finally made some proper lemures:


Achan hiArusa

Some of the more interesting ones

Aboleth -->Abolish
Ankheg --> Ankle
Bodak --> Kodak
Bulette --> Burette
Couatl --> Cobalt
Belker --> Bailer
Bebilith --> Debility
Dretch --> Drench
Glabrezu --> Glares
Hezrou --> Hero
Marilith --> Morality
Quasit --> Quest
Vrock --> Rock
Cornugon -->Crouton
Gelugon --> Gluon
Drider --> Drier
Drow --> Drown
Ettin --> Eton
Lacedon --> Laced on
Gibbering Mouther --> Gibbering Mother
Gnoll --> Gallon
Grimlock --> Gridlock
Cryohydra --> Chloral Hydrate
Half-orcs --> Half-orcas
Tiefling --> Tie fling
Rakshasa --> Rashes
Ravid --> Raved
Remorhaz --> Remoras
Sahuagin --> Assuaging
Scrag --> Scram
Worg --> Word
Xill --> ill
Xorn --> Corn

LeShay --> Lechery
Sirrush --> Sir Rush
Demilich --> Demolish
Treant --> Truant

Dromite --> Dormice
Folugub --> Foul-up
Udoroot --> Underfoot
Unbodied --> Embodied
Xeph --> Depth


I'm glad I noticed this one in particular though. A mob of lemurs would entirely destroy the reputations of both hell, and our party's ninja.
What a mob of lemurs might sound like:
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJMRd8J4zew"]They like to move it move it.[/ame]
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Of course, the thing is that AutoCorrect learns as you type. So right now, mine doesn't even blink when I type in Ixitachitl.

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