Death of characters?


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What I find most disconcerting about these threads is that someone starts out with a valid question / point and then it eventually degrades into nothing but spam.

I hate to be the sour one folks, but that's rather annoying. It always seems a heated debate starts up, and then after a while, some people (I'm not pointing fingers, mind, just commenting on observations) come in and start getting out right silly, dragging the thread way off topic.

I've noticed over the years, from personal real life experiences to experiences here on the 'net that some people just don't like confrontation. That's fine. Not everyone is expected to be okay with confrontation. However, on the boards, there is no excuse for the behavior I see. If you do not like the confrontational nature of a thread -- whether it's getting flamey or is just heated discussion (note there is a difference) then what you should do is stop reading. What you should not do is start posting sillyness and dragging it off topic. If you want to do that you should take it to another thread. How would you like it if I came on and started talking about how I dislike how people have their characters grow older way too quickly and people started going down that path from the original thread? My guess is you wouldn't.

As for the original point of this thread: I have to agree that sometimes people resurrect their character for no good reason (as I see it) or far too many times to make it worth role playing anymore.

There are a couple ways to play things, though, and my own personal opinion is that if people played things out this way most wouldn't have a problem.

If a character dies as part of a major story line, I would expect that they either stay dead or another storyline starts up shortly there after where the friends of said character do their best to get their friend brought back. I would only expect, however, that if said character died as part of a story line another time they would stay dead. Coming back to life is not a happy experience, it is a rather traumatic one, for both the soul and the body. Yes, this is a fantasy world, and death is not always the end. However, I imagine the gods are only willing to allow a soul to return to the world only so many times, and only so long as that soul might serve a purpose.

Some characters may be particularly hearty or unwilling to die. After all, we have the -10 rule in most DND campaigns since 3rd edition onwards. I will admit that Krystal herself has seemingly "died" a number of times. However, truth be told, because help was so quickly available in most of the instances of her "death" it was never really death. It was a case of her being nearly dead, just on the edge. Had people been just a little slower she would have died, and every time it came to that I was willing to let her stay dead, though I'll admit I was hoping she'd live. If some think that hypocritical, so be it. I'm just trying to give examples of ways to handle these sort of situtations in a way that makes for good role playing that is at least partly believable, and use myself as examples (since if I use others people might get reflexively defensive and think I'm pointing them out as a bad example). Does it suck that a character "miraculously" comes back to life after you "killed" them? Yes. But then the "dead" character can just be "You should have made sure I was dead. Now I'm going to make sure you're dead". And that can be fun, if not done too many times. (I'll admit Krys probably got too many chances, but they played out).

These places are fineite places in time. If a character were to die, who is to say that another "version" of that character won't stumble on this place too? This is particuarly usefull if your character some how stumbled on this world from another one (like Krys did). I've often thought about bringing in an alternate Krys. Perhaps she was an evil mage, or perhaps she followed her people's tenents and was a good mage. Maybe she wasn't a mage at all, or maybe she was still a neutral mage but she was really thrown out of her country instead of faking her death... Would it still be Krys? Yes. Would people say I res'd her? Yes. Would they be wrong? Yes. Would they care / notice the difference? Likely not. Would she be inherently different in some way? Absolutely.

Another way to play it out is that the character faked their own death. In a world of magic and sorcery, there are likely ways one can make ones' self appear dead but not either not be truly dead or be able to be returned. After all, even in our own world, doctors have procedures that can be done where a person is actually dead for a period of time, but if the patient is lucky / timing is right, the procedure can be done and the patient is alive afterwards as if they had never been dead. But to say they weren't dead (as we tend to define it now) would be wrong. Is it so hard to believe that magic would not have a counter part?

And again, if a character truly is raised from the dead, I agree that there had better be a good reason. Krystal's daughter was brought back, but only because her mother exchanged her life for her daughters. It also left a very permanent affect on her daughter.

At any rate, I would love to see this thread come back to the original target and continue or at least stay here as something for others to read for research / etc.

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Personally, I don't think it's because they are afraid of confrontation... but because people just start to get over board with their emotions on the internet because lets face it, no one can truly tell your intentions over the internet, people try to make it more silly to let off the tension that happens to be in the air at the time. Heated debates are not good for anyone really because it's just two people yelling at each other about one thing. Neither will change the other's mind and in the end, it's a waste and that's probably why people comment. Either way, I'm sure everyone would gladly get back on topic if there is more to discuss.

Sir Dieterich

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I agree with Krystal for the most part. I just have to say that the funnyness in threads can be wicked fun, other than that, your point is a great one!


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Point and point..

The reason why people do not let some of their characters die ( and I believe it has been said before) is because of the interaction, or the fact that thye love that characterwhy let something you want to continue to play die, when you do not have to? So they do not. Sometimes is a big to-do with a large story line. And the point is that some just don't care and think its fun and fine to just pop back into existance after death. Do they have to have a good reason? No.

For the sake of patrons giving out small pouches of gold containing 50,000 gold pieces, and throwing around artifacts as if they were bar peanuts.. It seems the tavern economy allows everyone atleast the first 300 deaths are 'free man'-s-. I mean think about this, if a guy can run around throwing 15 ninth level spells around that have a cost that is easly equal to the true resurrection spell then, I believe that a few hundred ressurections should be rather easy.

Okay I guess back to the more serious point, Free Forum, you play in it, but don't have to. Its a fact that Dying is cool, but coming back is even cooler -to the individual- I do believe personally when a character dies, they stay dead unless someone has a good reason to bring them back and 'realisticly' has the funds, though..... if you have not noticed, the tavern is filled with queens, kings, lords, high demons, and powerful almost angels.. all of which in character fight like 20th level warriors, cast as 20th level clerics and wizards, and move like 20th level rogues... it is Free Forum.

What are you expecting from a FanTasy game?


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Meh said:
What are you expecting from a Fantasy game?

Adventure. Not lack of it because everyone can take on the 666th layer of the abyss single handedly.

Challange. Not lack of it because everyone with thier level 40 X doesn't know how to play their class.

Fun. Not lack of it because everyone is so bloody apathic about thing because there isnt a point to caring because everyone is immune to everything.
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I really was just hoping this thread would just die. (joke intended)

Regardless of this poster's original intent this thread was received by many as simply their critique of other people's roleplaying regarding deaths and a general compliant about how other people roleplay there characters. While I do not want to have to make a formal rule about this simple etiquette says don't post compliants about other people's roleplaying on the boards unless you're going to provide some suggestions on how they may improve their roleplaying experience or if you're looking for such suggestions.

Suggestions on how to get a more enjoyable roleplaying experience such as those from Krystal and Tharivious are welcome. By that I mean suggestions that help the players enjoy themselves more, not following to mob standards or what other people want to see.

General compliants that you don't like other people's reasons arean't good enough etc are not and will result in your threads turning into spam since there is nowhere for the discussion to go. Either people will agree with your or they won't, and nobody will be under any obligation to change anything.

So when making a post regarding the status quo of roleplaying, characters, etc please take a moment to consider if it is going to be a helpful guide or if it's just giong to be a gripe.

Ah, I had a smile on my face until I read a few more posts within this thread. And, truth be told, it hurt because some of it was truth. Here, let me explain...

We come here to escape what reality holds, yes? Life hands us whatever it intends to hand us, and in order to regroup, we retreat into a fantasy world where we become our ideal selves. So, for that 40th level character who can't be properly played, or that level of the abyss that is conquered but shouldn't be...we warp it so that we can. Maybe it's something for us to hold onto, a sense of accomplishment in at least one area, even though it's just a game? Maybe it's what we view as our own self worth when we think reality has given us more than we can stand? And, as extremist as this may sound, a validation of one's existence? The fact that we can conquer anything in this world maybe gives a few folks the confidence they need to stand in the real world?

Either way, we know why we play, but the reasoning is solitary unless made public. But, to be fair, keep that in mind before judgment is placed on the one that is accomplishing more than he or she should.

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