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D&D 5E Demiplane launches 5e Nexus. Including Tal’dorei Reborn.


I crit!
Demiplane 5e Nexus launch!

Check out Dev Update - September 5, 2023

Launch Celebration including Tales of the Valiant, Taldorei, Ghostfire Gaming, and a chance to win stuff!

Nexus includes Tales of the Valiant and other Kobold Press items. Critical Role's Darrington Press Tal’dorei Reborn campaign setting. Ghostfire Games joins the party.

I guess the Demiplane 5e Nexus Launch party at their site has giveaways.

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I crit!
Critical Role’s Matt Mercer just started talking about Tal’dorei Reborn on Demiplane, during the sponsored section of the stream. He talked about their Nexus plans too.

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