DEMOGORGON! 200mm Tall!

Gale Force 9 is at the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL '15 Toy Show (otherwise known as Essen) in Germany this week. They're previewing their new licensed D&D miniatures there (I posted about three demon lords here). This one looks even better -- Demogorgon, standing 200mm (that's about 8 inches) tall, this thing look fantastic. It'll be available soon; I don't currently have any more info yet. But here's what it looks like!





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I'll be picking this one up like I mentioned in the other GF9 thread. I need to get my GF9 red dragon done since I'm DMing a modified Rise of Tiamat campaign right now but that gives me time to buy and paint Demogorgon if we do it next. I have the colossal Red Dragon if I don't get the GF9 painted but man I wish the new Tiamat mini was larger. It's not quite awe inspiring at it's current size.


That is a staggeringly impressive mini. It'd make a terrific companion piece for the big plastic Orcus I have from the WotC line. Just started Out of the Abyss a couple weeks ago, so having a giant Demogorgon mini to drop down on the table from time to time would be awesome...


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Wow! Looks like he dropped right out of the book. Sort of like the pages in my copy of Out of the Abyss, really.

At least with a miniature you're expected to have to glue the thing together.

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