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Derogatory Term for Halflings


In my 4e campaign set in Fallcrest, the PCs are battling against a group of what are essentially fascist devil worshipers trying to re-establish the tiefling empire of Bael Turath as well as open a massive gate to Baator. During the first part of the campaign, agents of these devil worshipers were allied with a local gang of halfling thieves, but their leader's desire to impress his new bosses attracted the attention of a rival gang who then secretly hired the PCs to investigate.

Because they attracted the attention of outsiders, agents of the devil worshipers who had previously infiltrated the city government removed any protection that was granted to the halfling gang and viciously cracked down on the remnants, resulting in almost daily executions. They've also have encouraged a prominent merchant who lost her business due to the gang's activities (she was appointed to the town council); she had a previous dislike for a rival group of halfling merchants, so because of her anger and a desire for revenge, she's been calling for a solution to the "halfling problem."

Things are about to get really ugly in Fallcrest (the PCs have been in Hammerfast for almost two weeks, so they've missed some of the more recent developments). The devil worshipers are in the process of finally corrupting the Lord Warden and are planning to launch a fake coup which will allow them to replace the Guard with an allied group of Banite mercenaries. They're also going to prey upon the growing resentment against the town's halflings by using them as a scapegoat to distract the rest of the populace.

So far, I've been concentrating on the backstories of two other characters, so these events are going to have a particular impact on the party's fun-loving halfing wild sorcerer. What I'm looking for are any derogatory slurs used against halflings. I don't care if it came from Tolkien or from any other source or campaign setting.

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First Post
I was thinking along the lines of something more "vermin-like", to indicate their sub-human status:

Mice, Bugs, Little Rats, Monkeys

Or some sort of pejorative nonsense term:

Shinnies, Pokes, Squealers, Grubbers


This reminds me, if you ever got the LA rules from Hekaforge, Gary had a whole page devoted to insult names for the various races, along with other races' terms for humans.

It was pretty funny.

No halflings in his milleu though, or else I'd share a few...


"Master" or "Little Master" would be politely pejorative since those are the formal terms for a child. Such a reference would be referring to a halfling as if he were a child.

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