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Derogatory Term for Halflings

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I like "brat"

IMC they are the same race (they've always been overlapping archetypes anyway)

but "halfling" is the slightly derogatory name for younger, adventuring gnomes, sometimes used by taller races to include all gnomes, which the elder gnomes find really insulting.


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Add me to the "halfling" is derogatory crowd.

In addition:

Diamond Cross

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The Orc Dice Game called Jacked.

Jacking is an Orcish term for carving up Halfings. Carving up Halflings is so popular in Orcish culture they even have a dice game for it called Jacked. The object is to carve up a halfing slowly to torture it to death by removing it's arms and legs.

To that end, you roll two six sided dice. only doubles count

66 = Head
55 = Chest
44 = Left Arm
33 = Right Arm
22 = Left Leg
11 = Right Leg

If you roll double fives or sixes, the halfling dies and you lose the game.

The twist: Orcs often capture halflings and play this game for real.

If you remove the limbs before the halfling dies and before everybody else, you win. If you successfully cut off a limb you get another roll.

Orcs often use this as a Gambling game as well.


If you hit the head and chest before you've cut off the limbs, you've lost the game.
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Peck, although the more historically correct "Pech" has been reclaimed by the halflings of Fantasy Craft.

In LOTR, halfling is a mildly derogatory term for hobbits,


I shall call him....




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Bagger. (Really rude - has to do with the heights of their heads....)

Goblin tart (or just 'tart').

Short cake.

Dog jockey.

The Auld Grump


Some guys I game with used this originally for an elf (they were playing dwarves and half-orcs) but I suppose it could work just as well for a halfling.

"Shut up... lunch!"

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