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The Daughters of Ares and the Daughters of Odin…

A Mythic World of Chaos and War…

Amazons vs Valkyries: Destroy the Bridge​

Pages: 50
Game System: OGL 5E
Genre: Classical Age (Greek/Norse Mythology)

Destroy the Bridge is a Fifth Edition adventure for one to eight characters of 7th to 9th level, and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 8. This adventure is designed for the Amazons vs Valkyries setting, but can be easily adapted to any other fantasy setting.

Time and Place

It is summer, 1829 TA (271 BCE), high on the central Anatolian plateau.


Scouts have spotted an army of Celts and Phrygians approaching from the north. The PCs are assigned to escort a team of Egyptian engineers through a shortcut to intercept the approaching horde. They must destroy a bridge and thereby delay the enemy’s advance. However, when they reach the bridge, they find they may be too late. They must improvise, or their entire unit could be wiped out.

War Game​

This adventure leans into the tactical and war game aspects of TTRPGs. The PCs are members of a mercenary special operations group, tasked with a critical military objective.


This adventure contains some unusual challenges. A troublesome engineer presents some roleplaying opportunities and infiltrating the enemy camp may prove too difficult for some players. All along the way, the PCs must resist temptation or risk thousands of lives.


This module includes an 8-page gazetteer outlining all the most interesting and inspiring locations in Anatolia. Subterranean cities, ancient ruins, pirates, and cults are discussed.


This adventure can be played with one to eight players. It has enough additional content to be expanded into a short series of games with a follow-up adventure outlined at the end. It can also be played from the enemy’s point of view by inverting the roles and tasking the PCs with stopping a group of enemy saboteurs.

This adventure features:

  • Time sensitive mission in three acts
  • Random encounters and planned encounters
  • Dozens of opportunities for additional adventures
  • A nearly insurmountable final challenge
  • Outline of a follow-up adventure
  • Stats for Celtic and Phrygian troops
  • New Alchemical Item: Thunder Crash Device
  • New dangerous plant: Stinger Bush
  • Encounter maps
  • Gazetteer of Anatolia
  • Fully hyperlinked PDF
  • Optional PoD







(Yes, the Celts have elephants)



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