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Discover Strange New Worlds for Index Card RPG and D&D

Three worlds: fantasy, supernatural space fantasy, and weird western. One book filled with strange vistas, otherworldly threats, maps, and adventure ideas awaits you in Index Card RPG Worlds.

ICRPG Worlds is the 122 page second book for the Index Card RPG. Along with additional character rules, it details three worlds and while designed for ICRPG it can be used for other RPGs like D&D.

Alfheim’s sixteen kingdoms gets a page of description each with one left for GMs to detail. For example, Ire is a far northern realm of ice. Ire is home to primals, ten foot tall beings who hate intruders, ape-men, druids, and dwarves. Coal demon slavers from the Solstice Depths seek slaves for digging their warrens. PCs may stumble upon a charred handprint on The Warden which poisons the trees, hinting at the spread of an infernal presence. Ire contains many more details with bulleted lists providing details.

Warp Shell is a space faring science fiction setting. A Warp Shell is a created device that functions like a starship, albeit one that chooses where to go in limitless space. A collection of adventure starters is take place in a vast, ancient universe full of mystery and strangeness.

An example planet orbits a darkstar. A massive entity called the Devourer folds space warping from planet to planet ripping a cosmic tear called a darkstar. Clouds of negative energy pulse and flare with mutagen-fusion waves. Planetside sapients may mistake the darkstar for the manifested hatred of some unseen shadow-god and perhaps even worship it as Death itself.

The Ferions were once a mighty spacefaring folk but their world lies choked and dying filled with dead vines, slime filled oceans, and the graves of billions. The few survivors activated a distress beacon that brings the PCs’ Warp Shell in, but it is a trap. The Ferions worship the darkstar and they have a ritual to increase its size. The insectoid high priests of this anti-faith overseer a hollow planet filled with mutated egg sacs. Some of the bigger Ferion insects can reach low orbit. All of these things spell trouble for the PCs.

Three other ideas on using darkstars follow along with nine more adventure ideas each with various planet descriptions. Also covered are power armor, enemies, beasts, and mutants including the imperium ghost armors, a cross of machine and undeath,

Spirits haunt Ghost Mountain in a Purgatory somewhere between Heaven and Hell spanning several adventures in the weird West. Ghost Mountain features a war between good and evil. The supernatural is real and not disputed. The people struggle every day against hellfire and demons. Supplies are scarce, magic is polarizing and feared, time and reality can blur, and the thunderstorms are volatile and destructive.

A dark red sun sunset will mark the end of all things. There’s only one way to stop sunset is to play cards with the Devil in a game called the Measure which is played out between a player and the GM at the end of an important chapter of the campaign.

Classes include gunslingers, infernal spellcasting wraiths, braves, performing mariachis, mistresses and more. The campaign is divided into chapters detailing the conflict on Ghost Mountain. A great irony infuses the battle of good versus evil concering the protecting the mountain which is described in the whole truth which I won’t spoil here.

Anyone of these three settings could easily support a long running campaign. Whether played using Index Card RPG or adapted for D&D, the worlds are unique and supported with dozens of adventure ideas detailed in writing along with maps, rules, and illustrations. Worlds is a great source of inspiration for your next game.

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Charles Dunwoody



I was very disapointed with it. I GM Ghost Mountain and the Info in the book is extremely limited. No descriptions of Places, no Monster Stats, no coherent story (often there are names thrown in without any description, what to do with it and there are never mentioned again).

For example there is a Mega-Dungeon 75 miles deep a the end and all you get is the very short Entry Level ... have fun creating the rest.

On the other hand, it is quite cheap, has some interesting Advancement Rules and it is still good to mine for Ideas .. but keep in mind you have to do the heavy lifting yourself.

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters


Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters