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From the Ranger subclass survivor thread, in response to a comment about the Swarmkeeper subclass:

For some reason your comment got me thinking of a really angry Snow White Ranger character (maybe multiclassed Bard), tutored by the huntsman who refused to kill her at the beginning of the movie, in full knowledge of the queen's evil and GUNNING FOR HER with a flock of shrikes.

Content warning!

Treantmonk also posted a video a few months back of a Disney princess build for 5e, so, I figured I would throw this out to the crazies at large!
  1. Pick a Disney hero or heroine. Or villain, what the heck! Does not need to be a princess.
  2. Think of a fun or demented twist on their story or abilities.
  3. Post a 5e character build to realize your dream.

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the old standard boots
Huh, I would have imagined Belle as a College of Creation bard, what with all the animated objects! Not that she was the one who animated them, but it might have been an inspiration. Still, very cute pictures all.


Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
I think honestly Snow White is best as a Glamour Bard (you know she used enthralling performance on those Dwarves! And Mantle of Majesty to get them to "wash up"!) variant Human with the Eldritch Adept (Beast Speech) feat as their variant feat

Cinderella is definitely an Archfey Warlock (fairy godmother anyone?) - twist is that she used her warlock power to ensnare the prince to get her revenge on her Step-mother and sisters

Mulan - Dex based Battle Master fighter (she even has calligraphy proficiency!) with the Lucky feat


the old standard boots
This isn't Disney, but I guess Nicodemus from The Secret of NIMH could be an Order of Scribes wizard, since about all ever did was write in his magic journal (which visual effect, I must admit, gave me tingles down my spine that I vividly recall to this day).


Merida is a fighter focused on archery. Probably a battle master but you could make her an arcane archer instead for a bit of fun.

You could even make her a fey warlock with the witch as her patron and that invocation that lets you create a bow as your pact weapon. (And she could have a familiar that’s either a bear or a wisp.)

Donald Duck
Race: Aarakocra (only race with feathers and a beak)
Class: Barbarian (Donald's temper is legendary)
Subclass: Path of Wild Magic (Unpredictable, physics defying events are not unusual when Donald is around)
Whereas DAFFY Duck would clearly be Path of the Zealot, because that explains how he can continually get back up and keep on truckin' (keep on duckin'?) after being flattened, carbonised, exploded by Acme products, or having his beak blown around to the back of his head by a shotgun blast.

(Surely Acme is run by a somewhat slapdash artificer?)

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