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Kickstarter Dive into the dystopian world of Oceania 2084 – a spiritual successor to George Orwell's classic, 1984

Experience the depths of asymmetrical gameplay, where player agency reigns supreme. Join the resistance against Big Brother's oppressive regime, weaving intricate tales of hope and defiance.

The brilliance of the system's asymmetrical gameplay can be found in the freedom of player agency taken when providing future characters with hope that they may one day break free from Big Brother's grasp. My players became invested in the stories of their resistance members and created a complex web of family and friends for them to swap to in the event that their character was executed by Big Brother. This game provides truly some of the strongest TTRPG storytelling elements I've ever seen.- Heart II Soul Studios

A note left behind by a resistance member, with a message of hope. Credits: Mika Edström

Inspired by a blend of rogue-likes, classic literature, and renowned tabletop RPGs, such as Red Carnations on a black grave, Lasers & Feelings, Vampire the Masquerade, PbtA, Thousand Year Old Vampire, and Paranoia among other things. Oceania 2084 offers an adversarial storytelling experience with a focus on social gameplay and stealth. Designed for 3-8 players, it's a game of resistance against insurmountable odds, where hope shines through even in the darkest moments.

Inspired by rogue-likes, Red Carnations on a black grave, Lasers & Feelings, Vampire the Masquerade, PbtA, Thousand Year Old Vampire, and Paranoia among other things.


Sticker on a wall put there as an act of defiance. Credits: Mika Edström

The released version is yours for free – complete with rules but sans fancy formatting or illustrations. Download it now as a pay-what-you-want PDF and dive into the intrigue of Oceania 2084!

👉 Check out the free version today: Oceania 2084 - the orwellian TTRPG by Jocher Symbolic Systems


A spread from the upcoming Surplus Edition.

Ready for more? Oceania 2084 is now on Kickstarter! Pledge to secure your exclusive hardcover print of the Surplus Edition and take your tabletop RPG experience to new heights. The Kickstarter will bring the game to the world in the shape of an A5 hardback book, fully illustrated and meticulously designed.

👉 Support the game on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jochergames/oceania-2084-the-orwellian-ttrpg


A spread from the upcoming Surplus Edition, Live on Kickstarter.

Join the resistance. Rewrite history. Explore Oceania 2084 now!

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