Release RELEASE: Oceania 2084 - the Orwellian TTRPG

FINALLY! This week I released my game Oceania 2084 into the great unknown. I have developed the game over a little more than three years. It has resulted in me getting my master's degree and I have met a lot of very inspiring people along the road. The game is released as a text-only version called Oceania 2084 - The Austere Edition. It is under a Creative Commons license and at a pay-what-you-want fee. But ok, so what is the game about, you wonder? Let me introduce you to "Oceania 2084" - a tabletop role-playing game that immerses you in a chilling dystopia set a century after George Orwell's renowned work, 1984. Prepare to embark on a daring adventure where hope flickers in the face of totalitarian control.

Mood trailer for Oceania 2084

In this game, players must confront the harsh reality that victory over Big Brother, the embodiment of oppression, is an unattainable dream. As the Resistance Characters, you'll band together, not to overthrow the regime, but to resist and defy its suffocating grasp. Oceania 2084 embraces the complex nature of political struggle and challenges players to find solace in smaller victories, to cherish the moments of defiance amidst an unforgiving world.

Created by an author who has been active in the anarchist movement since the early 2000s, Oceania 2084 breaks free from traditional gaming conventions. It delves into the depths of human resilience, where hope thrives even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. This game dares you to explore the intricacies of resistance, to forge meaningful connections with others who refuse to surrender.

As a Resistance Character, you'll navigate the treacherous path of clandestine operations, cunningly subvert surveillance, and unravel the layers of propaganda that shroud the truth. Each decision you make carries weight, influencing the lives of those around you, and the future generations. The mechanics of Oceania 2084 encourage collaborative storytelling, strategy, and introspection, as you strive to create moments of hope amidst the unyielding darkness.

However, be warned - Big Brother's watchful gaze is unrelenting. The regime's power appears insurmountable, and victory over it is not the ultimate goal. Instead, Oceania 2084 invites you to embrace the spirit of resistance, to nurture the flickering flame of hope, even in the face of inevitable defeat. It's about defying the system, asserting your autonomy, and finding strength in acts of defiance, no matter how small.

This game is an emotional journey, a poignant exploration of the human spirit. Oceania 2084 challenges players to confront the harsh reality that the battle against tyranny cannot always be won, but that the pursuit of hope, the refusal to surrender, and the resilience of the human soul are victories in their own right.

Will you answer the call to join the Resistance, to stand united against the omnipotent force of Big Brother? In Oceania 2084, immerse yourself in a world of dark secrets, clandestine operations, and bittersweet triumphs. It's time to embrace the struggle, to keep the flame of hope alive, even in a world where victory is not guaranteed.

Get it here: Oceania 2084 - the orwellian TTRPG by Jocher Symbolic Systems

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