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D&D 5E Divination Wizard 2/ Lore Bard x Master of Fortune


i was trying to build a divination wizard some time ago, when i realized that my party would need someone that can also heal them sometimes, so i got the idea of this character, that will be a girl fortune teller from some nomad tribe, sort of sensitive/diviner with mind reading and psychic powers. She come from a royal family but her family was used every 5 years, for the bday of every member of the family, to pick 1 card from the deck of many things, which they have one (in this world there are 6 different decks of many things). So at her 20th birthday she picked the Ruin card, she lost her name, her family, her lands and her rights to rule the tribe, so she lived some years just using her mental powers for know how to win a bet, cheating with dice and cards, making people pay for her divination services and of course playing music and writing songs about her story and everything she saw around, as storytellers in her tribe were the people who keep the knoweledge and remind the history, something that she had to start to do by herself as no one in her past remember she existed. She ll try to hide her powers to other players, mostly making the familiar cast the spells for her, while she ask the paladin to stay beside her for protect her because she is a poor weak girl that just want write poems about heroes, probably telling to the party before that her familiar its her magic protector but with an indipendent will, i even picked unseen servant for make the servant appear like a big guy always in bad mood working as bodyguard lol, even he cant attack or hurt anyone, no one know about it except who had cast the spell. When she really cant do anything for lie about her powers she ll just use suggestion for end the topic or she ll modify their memories and so on...but im still searching a good reason why she should act like this, any suggestion is really welcome.

Basically i was searching for a strong debuffer character with enchantment and divination spells and the bard perfectly match with it (giving me some heal spell that the wizard have not), but i didnt want to lose portent as i though adding it to cutting words and barding inspirations this could become a very strong control (especially if later on i can add also lucky as feat, actually is banned but the DM said that there is a way during the campaign for get the feat, its indeed about "be lucky" lol). 4/5 bardic ispiration or cutting words for short rest +2 portents a day for long rest (+ possibly 3 reroll a day with lucky) seem lots of stuff with which have fun.

I thought to use this stats, assuming it start at lv 5 (so it already have both, portent and cutting words, starting with 2 lv wizard for the savings proficiency) as Vhuman with +1 Con and +1 Cha, and the magic initiate feat (Cleric: Guidance, thaumaturgy, Bless)

Str 8
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 13
Wis 12
Cha 16

Feats will go: 1lv Magic initiate, 6lv telekinetic (+1 Cha), 10lv fey touched (+1 Cha, invisibility and i dont know what else)...if we go more at lv 14 it can get Alert or +2 Cha (assuming anyway that whenever will be possible it will take Lucky instead than any of this feats)

The spells i choosed from bard list are: cantrips: vicious mockery, minor illusion 1st: cure wounds, healing word, bane, dissonant whisperers 2nd: Suggestion, Heat Metal.

From wizard i just picked absorb elements, charm person (btw im not sure, but can i use charm person applying my charisma modifier to the DC in this way, as charm is also a bard spell?) and all the 1st lv rituals i could get, mostly divination.

Have someone some suggetions for alternative stats, feats or spells?

Some specific tactics in combat?

Do you think this can be a good control/mind power character (later on he ll get things like hypnotic pattern, for sure detect toughts and modify memory, synaptic static, clairvoyance and spells like this)? Or those 2 lv of delay hurt too much?

Tnx in advance to everyone gonna reply.
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