D&D General 'DM Clockwork Dragon' offers pirated D&D stuff on his Patreon account

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Considering how stealing and selling pirated DMsGuild content is also stealing from WotC, owned by mega-corporation Hasbro (they take a cut of every sale), I don't think this Clockwork guy has a very bright future ahead of him.

According to the article,

"I’m aware that there are proper channels that exist for redistributing content as a library, And I plan to pursue those. I will also likely make it possible for people to donate to the library once it is established, either in the form of content they have produced, or in the form of money to help pay for whatever licensure or so forth that will be required."

I have a hard time believing anyone would trust him after this.


I'm not eager to judge his fundamental character. It looks like he has talked himself into thinking that he understands copyright law well enough to give himself advice (which just happens to align with what he wants to be true); as they say, he has a fool for a client. Dunning and Kruger strike again. But who knows; if he cleans up his act, maybe he'll produce some good stuff.

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