[DM's Guild] Planeswalker's Almanac: Creatures of Chaos!


This author's most ambitious project to date; Creatures of Chaos is the second in a three-part series focused on the Inner Planes in general, and the Elemental Chaos in particular. Within this 275 page compendium, you will find a nearly comprehensive library of monsters and humanoids from the Elemental Planes, each one adapted to 5th-Edition mechanics from a previous edition of the game.
Over a year of work culminates in a product containing a wealth of content for DMs and Players alike:


  • Over 100 seperate creature entries, complete with interesting lore and full-color artwork in the style of the official Monster Manual.
  • Literally hundreds of separate stat blocks, presenting variants for many of the general monster types, including classics already added to the game, such as Azer, Genies, and Elemental Myrmidons.
  • A Handfull of New Player Races that a DM can offer as options for a Planar Campaign, some with included subrace options.
  • New Equipment and special materials to offer as rewards to players, or to add an interesting new challenge to a creature encounter.
  • A few New Spells that restore classic monster abilities to some of the creatures featured in the product, such as Glitterdust, Chill Metal, True Stoneskin, and more.
  • A list of all monsters included in the product, arranged by CR and page number, as well as by elemental affinity.
  • A list of spells, both offical and those published by this author, arranged by Element.
If you're planning a campaign set in one of the Elemental Planes, or are just looking for a few obscure beasties to throw at veteran players, this product is an essential resource that will definitely add multiple hours of fun to your game!

And, if you enjoy this product, don't forget to check out its player-focused Companion Volume, also on sale from the Dungeon Master's Guild!
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