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Victoria Rules
Also, if you want to handle it that way, wouldn’t it be simpler to auction off each item, then divide up the auction proceeds?
Perhaps; but over the long run that would tend to result in the rich, in effect, getting richer. There's also the question of what value is received for items sold outside the party, which is where a list also comes in handy...along with for when the party want to know what might be available in town and the costs thereof.

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Victoria Rules
Yeah, I’ve encountered the method before. Absolutely hated it. It meant you lost out on high cost stuff because it wasn’t divisible in such a way.
Two things here:

First, if a party is a) willing to forego some share now and b) are likely to stick together for a while, high-value items can be carried forward into the next treasury as party possessions. IME this is more commonly done with things that are useful to all, such as the Folding Boat in the above example, or a Flying Carpet; rather than things useful to just one character e.g. a stupendous sword that only the Fighter can make any real use of.

Second, as DM I quite like it if really big-ticket items have to be sold, as it allows me to place them in adventures (where they can be useful) and not have to worry much about any given item's long-term impact. (though I do have to be mindful of the big influx of cash it represents)

Reynard said:
Out of curiosity, did you also use XP=gp at the time? If so, did Blurt end up with 5400xp and Coriander only 3000xp because magic items aren't included in the treasure to XP calcs, or did the GM equally split up the cash (plus sold items values) XP regardless of how it shook out individually?
I have never used xp-for-gp.

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