Do you color your hair?

I'm A Banana

Fetching is for dog collars!

Uhm, where was I going?

Aaah, yeah, I've had a long tradition of dying my hair an assortment of strange colors and patterns. Right now, though, it has this thing where it's going gray at 23 (so quit whining! ;) ). So I figure I'll wait for it to settle down then figure out what kinds of colors go well with gray-and-medium-brown.

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Black Omega

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My hair is naturally a very dark brown, so I dyed it dark brown, just to confuse people. They know it's different, just can't quite tell how.:)

I've threatened my parents that if they ever start telling me I've got grey hair, I'll dye it black and fix the problem.

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
I got serious grey from working 2-4 years ago. Not having the stress of workin has helped my hair from keeping most of the color I still have. My mom thinks my grey makes me look 'distinguished' I used some of my dads stuff to nix the grey for my sisters wedding and GenCon.


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Yes, moreso now that I am older as opposed to when I was much younger.

I've colored my hair lovely shades of green, shocking red, purple, blue, and, when I have the need to be a bit more professional, reverting back to my natural brown. Currently, I am sporting a lovely blue-black shade, which does wonders for the gray/white hairs that have sprouted tenaciously as of late.


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Back in the days when I had hair (starting going bald at 15...) I dyed it red once or twice. It's (or was...) a dark brown. My wife had her's dyed (in order) blonde, blue, blonde, red, brown (natural), red and back to natural brown.


Joshua Dyal said:
Bah! reveal goes through dog collars like boxes of cheap wine. I don't know how he wears them out so fast.

I need one of those big funnel collars.


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