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D&D 5E Do you ever roll for monster HPs in 5E?

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I've never run 5e, but I would roll if I did, just like every other edition. Experienced players are likely to know the average hp, and I prefer presenting uncertainties to them. They're likely to ballpark a rough estimate anyway, but why should I make it easy for them? Gives 'em something to do between turns. :)

Distracted DM

Distracted DM
I have a module that does this in Foundry- and the A5e foundry system has the feature included. So yeah I roll HP automatically for everything except bosses and named NPCs. For some reason I love the same type of enemies not having the same HP.
In-person games? Nope.
I also have the Health Estimate module, which provides Baldur's Gate 1+2-style "unharmed, injured, badly injured, near death" when you hover over a token. I should rename Badly Injured (<50%) to Bloodied but I can't bring myself to alter my beloved BG2s' terminology.

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