Do You Prefer 4 Or More Players (+ DM) When RPGing?

Do You Prefer 4 Or More Players (+ DM) When RPGing?

  • Yes

    Votes: 242 79.1%
  • No

    Votes: 64 20.9%

Nathan P. Mahney

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3 or 4 is about what I like, though I can handle anything up to about 8 if I have to. I had no problems at all with high numbers of players in the older editions, but I struggle to run that many in 3rd. There's a lot more to keep track of.

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Baron Opal

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4-5 players is my sweet spot. That way I have enough players where they can (inadvertantly) drive the story and I can still give them individual attention. 3 is my minimum as I feel really drained after running a game with do few players. More than 7 and people just get sidelined until a fight, and then fights take forever.

Ycore Rixle

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Uder said:
I noticed by your sig that your name is Frank Brunner. Are you the illustrator Frank Brunner by chance?

Nope, I'm the writer Frank Brunner (Incarnum, Eberron Explorer's Handbook, PHB II, etc.).

But I do like Dr. Strange and the other Frank's art.


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Ycore Rixle said:
Nope, I'm the writer Frank Brunner (Incarnum, Eberron Explorer's Handbook, PHB II, etc.).

But I do like Dr. Strange and the other Frank's art.
Ah cool. Every time I've seen your name I've wondered...


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So, rather than provide a few numerical ranges, the pollmaker decided for a binary "yes or no" format with four being the cut-off point? Mmm-kay. Expect a lot of yesses (duh).


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Four is the magic number for me. Three isn't bad, but it's not perfect. Five or more players tend to push the envelope. I will admit that one of the best campaigns I ever ran had around eight players at its max, but of that, usually four or five were there at any given time.


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Vymair said:
My preference for a game is 5, 4 then 6. 7 or more just gets to be too many for good role-playing.

This is nearly my answer, but my version would be:

My preference for a game is 5, 6 then 4. I will do 7 if need be, but am hesitant and 8 or more just gets to be too many for good role-playing (and speedy combat).

I will not do less than 4.


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6 plus dm is perfect in my opinion. Allows for someone to miss without throwing the game into a tailspin, gives you enough variety to combat a wider range of situations, and more brains to figure out what to do.


I've got six players now, down from seven (we just can't keep a mage!) but there are several cohorts that add to the fray. I ran a 2e game for a little over 2 years with an average of 12 players (topped out at 17, bottomed out at 9). It went well but was a heckuva lot of work. My Mage campaign had 7 seven players as did my incredibly short-lived Socerer's Crusade game.

I think over the last twenty years six players has been the sweet spot. I can get by with a missing player but there aren't so many people that coordinating the time is impossible.

I highly recommend that every GM should at some point call every player they know and run a canned module with waaaaay too many players using disposable characters. I think running the large game helped my GMing skills immensely as it forced me to acknowledge the player-driven aspect of gaming and it evolved my player-managment skills.


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My current group has 6 players plus the GM. I have had up to 13 players, but that was WAY too much. I find that a group of 5 - 8 is optimal for me.


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I like 4-6 players, with 5 being the ideal.

Main reason is covering the party roles. With 4 players you might just manage to cover all bases, but you'll most likely end up without a rogue or healer (or even *gasp* mage). But having five or six characters generally gives all of your players the chance to choose their own character without concern for what the party needs. I'm DMing 6 players right now and though it's harder to create chalenging encounters (normal CR's don't really go anymore), it also creates a more fun and diverse party.


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My favorite is solo actually. But then that's only because we do a lot of worldbuilding in solos before opening an area or time to the group.

With bigger groups I like 3-4 players. More than that and no one ever seems to get the spotlight as much as they'd like.
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Sweet Spot: 5. More than 7, too much, less than 4 too little. If it is less than 4 I like to play a Planar Binding Conjurer with a jacked up charisma so I can get something like a Maelephant as a meleer and I take Leadership just for some other character that I think would be nice to have around.

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