Do you use cards in real life ?

le Redoutable

I mean you no harm
Let's say you have plenty of cards of one type;
Sometimes you will need to drop them, and noone wants to purchase them;
So you would become annoying, and people will left you on the road with your package;
So the trick here is: alchemy ( the art of transmutating lesser cards - or copper coins - to higher values - or uncommonness - ( something that untouchables - from India - do excel at ) )

Does this comes to your ears friends ?
( Also I hope not to be too much outcast there )
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Greggy C

I don't use cards but if I had grumpy low value cards that I could magically transform into premium ebay cards, that would be tiktok to my ears.

No castout here, this is pure vibranium you are selling as an ideological concept.

Level Up!

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