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Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special (SPOILERS OKAY)


So, did anybody see this, and what did you think?

I thought it was an interesting take on the Superman-type superhero character - I was actually kind of surprised they played the superpowers rather straight, even if "The Ghost" gained his powers by swallowing a gem of solid handwavium.

And the insignia on his chest, with a solid "G" and what could have been an "I" in the background - leading many to believe the story would be tied in with the Great Intelligence - looks like it was just a red herring.

And this time, the story had very little to do with Christmas - other than the kid's mom thinking he was talking about Santa Claus being outside his window, the holiday hardly had any bearing at all on the plot. I'm trying to recall any other plot elements involving Christmas and am coming up blank.

I liked the brain aliens with the eyes, and the leaking blue fluid once they were inside a body, but the "head flipping open to reveal the hidden gun" thing was just a tad bit hokey.


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Well, that was fun
Staff member
It was OK. I prefer the heavier episodes and the Xmas ons are always very light hearted. I found the reporter accepting that her nanny let strangers into her flat jarring. And when they were on the bridge of the spaceship, it see,ed like a trivial matter to then foil the aliens' plans, so why weren't the bad guys worried?

The superhero guy really reminded me of a young Michael J Fox. If they ever remake Back to the Future, he's their man.

Namecheck of Osgood.

Not sure what I make of Matt Lucas' character.


It's not up there with Matt Smith's Christmas Carol special, but I enjoyed it. The reporter using the screaming doll as emotional blackmail on the Doctor, and it actually working, was both funny and very in-character for Capaldi's Doctor. The superhero plotline felt a little too conventional, aside from him getting his powers by swallowing a magic d20, but it was played out charmingly enough, and the cast were likeable.

wicked cool

I loved it. Was that Moffats final episode? It did look like one of those oblong dice. I want one of those squeaky dolls. I thought it was one of the better Capaldi episodes and I got a few chuckles out of it as some of his one liners were great.

good to see a preview for next year.


why do they make us wait so long? Don't you have any pull with the BBC? You're like the most important person on the internet over there or something.


Head-splitty guys back from the "Husbands of River Song" episode, but The Doctor and Nardole don't appear to recognize them? That was a touch odd. It's Doctor Who; I can accept a dose of WishGrantium giving super powers and just go with it.

Hopefully Nardole sticks around to be The Doctor's crash test dummy for a while yet.

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