Doctor Who: Past, Future, and Thoughts on the End of the 13th Doctor (SPOILERS!)

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I still maintain that Missy, the Danny Pink saga and then having Missy around as a semi-companion and a deep dive into her mental state are among the high water marks for Doctor Who, all from the Capaldi era, which admittedly, had a rough first season.

The Whittaker era, unfortunately, was just a mess, barring a small handful of stories.

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Well, that was fun
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Capaldi is probably my favourite Doctor. And he's probably the best actor ever to have the role. The 15 minutes at the start of that episode on Gallifrey where he didn't say a single word as the Time Lords came to him. Acting without speaking, that's presence.

There were two Capaldis. They completely reversed course after his first series and portrayed him as a different character, and it worked.

Plus that era had Missy. Michelle Gomez was amazing. Also Pearl Mackie was amazing too.

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