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Spoilers Discovery Season 5 (Spoilers for episodes released on Paramount+)

So, the first two episodes of Discovery Season 5 are out. This is the final season of episode 5.

In case anyone was shying away from Discovery because they disliked the "Federation falling apart and being a shadow of it former self" - this apparently is overcome by now, the Federation is back to its full glory.

As far as I know, this season was not known to be the final one of the show, but it kinda feels like they really already had some "ending" themes.
Saru saying good bye from his post on Discovery, and now it's Micheal's turn to redeem a disgraced officer.

All that while we're doing a scavenger hunt for the mysteries of the Progenitors.
Lots of callbacks to the TNG/DS9/VOY era, Progenitors, Promellians, Kellerun (Leoben's character is a Kellerun), the Breen and Tholians were mentioned as well, and next episode presuamble we're heading back to Trill. Also, they used the details Chabon worked out for the Romulan culture from Picard Season 1, too, which is great. I think it worked pretty well (despite all of PIC's failings) and really added to the lore.

So far, I liked it, even though I am not in love with the idea of the scavenger hunt. It kinda makes you wonder why the scientist did that way, and also how - Trill was Federation territory at the time, did he invade Federation space with a cloaked ship to get there? Okay, maybe he had the means as Romulan, but why go there at all? Why not something more safely accessible to him? Or was he more worried about his own people than the Federation?

Maybe the funniest scene for me was Saru and T'Rina. It seemed like a neat role reversal, the way T'Rina asked him to marry her, the emotional response and his tone really sounded like something a typical romantic movie or TV scene would be used by the woman in the relationship. Still, i didn't like his "emotional exposition", it didn't really feel earned.

One of the things I enjoyed was the unapologetic use of their 32nd century tech. Site-To-Site Transports as easy as walking, self-replicating matter, holographics everywhere. The two ships halting the avalanche was also a very cool effect. (Someone on reddit compared it to the Adama maneuver, and while it was similarly visually impressive, unfortunately it lacked the emotional build-up so I still can't rate it as high). And of course, all kinds of ships with detached components.
I think they do pretty well at establishing the 32nd century as their own era technologically and making it distinct from the 23rd and 24th century Starfleet we are more familiar with.

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The scavenger hunt thing does seem a little bizarre - like, yeah, this information is well hidden, but so far the hunt for it isn't screaming "secret test of character", so it really only ensures that the knowledge will fall into the hands of the person who's best at puzzles, not necessarily the right hands.

But that aside, I really enjoyed these two episodes, much more upbeat than previous seasons, with stakes that are high enough to drive the plot without being galaxy-shattering (so far).


Maybe I have just watched too much Star Trek and The Orville and Sci-Fi in general but it seems strange to me when they say L'ak is an alien of "unknown origin" . I would swear to resembles as many as half a dozen species as we have seen before.

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