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Doctor Who to Return to TV

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I think you'll look absolutly spiffing in a miniskirt as the new Who Girl, Tal :)

Who Girl... Tardis Tart... meh, stick with 'sidekick'

Blakes 7? They're making anew series of Blakes 7? Got link?

*twitch twitch*

Oh darn, there goes my pleasure threshold :(

This is most excellent news! I'm probably one of the few people on the planet who can truthfully say: "I owe my marriage to Doctor Who."

Seriously, my wife and I met at a library, found out we both had tickets to several "Doctor Who" conventions in the Chicago area (this was in the summer of 1983, the 20th anniversary of the show, so there were conventions just about every weekend), and decided to carpool together to save money.

In hindsight, those were our "first dates" - although neither of us were aware of it at the time! :)



F*&king awesome! :)

Now if only they cast Paul McGann. But for old times sake I'm going to break out my 6 foot long multi-colored scarf.



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qstor said:
Now if only they cast Paul McGann.

I completely agree. Paul McGann deserves a chance to play the Doctor again. Whoever it goes to, there are bound to be a lot of rumours until they announce someone officially.

Hmmm.... Maybe I should start a rumour that I'm the new Doctor.... ;)



A suffusion of yellow
Wow this is cool - both the Doctor and Blakes Seven - my childhood memeries are full of these two (next up Sapphire and Stel and Logans Run perhaps!:D)

Only saw Paul McGaan do the Doctor once. Personally I think Sylvestor McCoy was the best doctor since Tom Baker...


The article really doesn't say, but after 14 years, are they going to "reimagine" the Doctor and start with the first regeneration, or will it pretty much pick up where it left off?

I'd suspect the latter, but you never know.


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I was pleased to see that they chose to picture Tom Baker with Lala Ward as Romana, rather than with that inexplicably popular nitwit, Sarah Jane Smith.

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