D&D 5E Does the Rabiah Scale matter (for conversion probability from Magic plane to D&D setting)?


Some caveats from Rosewater about the nature of the Rabiah scale when he introduced it in 2016:

"This is totally my opinion and does not reflect anyone else in R&D. Remember, I am not a member of the creative team.

"Like the Storm Scale, this is based on a general sense of the future without actually factoring in what I know about the future. If we are about to do something unexpected, I still treat it as unlikely (similar to how Madness was rated an 8 even though I knew it was coming back in Shadows over Innistrad)."


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Arcavios and Eldraine have moved up to a 3 on the Rabiah Scale, the first settings to do so since Kaladesh which dropped to a 6 later.

But by 2022 every 1-4 setting on the Rabiah Scale has been visited in a 4 year period so its unlikely we will them for another few years. Eldraine and Ravnica sets came out in 2019 maybe one of them by 2024 at the earliest. If it's Eldraine an RPG setting book is very likely.


I mean, some of those planes are dead.

Like all the dead. Maximum overdead. Like Serra's Realm as a setting would mean that you're playing wisps of energy inside Watherlight's power crystal.

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