Download Acquisitions Inc's 8 Iconic Characters

You can now download the official stat blocks of Acquisitions Inc's eight iconic characters, ahead of the June 18th release of the D&D sourcebook.

Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 15.02.24.png

"Do you want to learn the ways of corporate adventuring from the best of the best? Meet Acquisitions Incorporated's eight most proficient employees, learn their specializations, and use them in your game with ready-to-play stat blocks!"

The download is a ZIP file containing 8 PDFs -- Cartographer, Decisionist, Documancer, Hoardsperson, Loremonger, Obviator, Occultant, and Secretarian.
Russ Morrissey



Yeah that site is terrible.

I thought they lost the domain name and it was one of those odd placeholder ones.


Totally Awesome Pirate Brain
I agree I was shocked by the website
Its 100% awesomely awful. It's totally meant to be a corporate website by a company that doesn't know anything about the internet. Meta-jokes about Acquisitions Inc.

Just like how the intro to the animated stuff for the podcast is 100% 1980s schlock cartoon in the vein of Thundercats or He-Man.


I love the corporate jokes shoved into the kaleidoscope of the Forgotten Realms. I am really looking forward to the book.