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Dragonlance Draconian from Shadow of the Dragon Queen!


Given that there are pictures of both versions in successive posts, It actually looks almost exactly the same as the Fizban's version, right down to having almost the same armor and having one hand wreathed in magenta magical energy. It's obvious that the artist used the Fizban's illustration as the base for their own.
The draconians are of similar features but the art itself is entirely different.

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Why does their armor not cover their heart and lungs?
Because the artist apparently saw Warhammer Ogres with their gut plates and wanted to emulate that style


A suffusion of yellow
I think the fashion and fitness industries make you think "paunch" instead of, "That's not a human, so it may be an entirely suitable body shape for that creature."

Yeah this, I looked at the image and thought now thats a Dragonborn! Then -, oh why the red shirt? Then - I love how the belly looks reptilian.

Then I after Alzrius question I thought maybe its pregnant?


Well at least they do not seem to use dragonborn as draconians which is a huge plus in my eyes.
What's the difference? I don't mean to sound flippant, it's a serious question because I can't tell the difference between dragonborn illustrations and the top image in the OP.

Maybe that's why I've never been a huge fan of dragonborn, because I grew up in D&D with draconians being the bad guys.

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