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Dragonlance Draconian from Shadow of the Dragon Queen!

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Don't most draconians have tails?
So do a lot of dragon born.



A suffusion of yellow
Don't most draconians have tails?
Yes but then so do the Dragonblood dragonborn of the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. PHB dragonborn are tailess but again its about defining ones own canon. With four or so different dragonfolk races around now its not always clear


I crit!
That was an official illustration.
Yea, but from the Tal’dorei campaign.

But I get your point. I dint see it myself but I do understand.

This games fun can sometime balance on a knifes edge of imagination and verisimilitude that sometimes these things loom larger.


That was an official illustration.
As it was already said its from Tal’dorei which only became official later when WotC came in due to its popularity. But initially it was just a private game and did not follow WotC internal design guides.
But for all setting and pictures where WotC is the original author Dragonborn do not have tails.

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