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DRAGON Magazine monster index!

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Monster Junkie
Dragon #333:

Aspect of Fraz-Urb'luu
Demon, Skurchur
Demon Prince, Fraz-Urb'luu
Guardian Ship

I'll update the Creature Locator as well.


First Post
Just a few more I could not see earlier in the thread. The first line is not really monsters but gods, but they have stats so why not.

294 - Iuz (Demigod), Pholtus (Intermediate God), Rao (Greater God), Tharizdun (Intermediate God) (Beings of Power, David Noonan)
296 - Forest Wurm, Tundra Wurm, Sand Wurm, Swamp Wurm, Sea Wurm, River Wurm, Grassland Wurm, Hill Wurm, Lava Wurm, Storm Wurm, Cave Wurm, Mountain Wurm (The Bestiary: Wurms of the Far Reaches, Will McDermott)
305 - N'gatispawn (Cities of the Planes: N'Gati, James Jacobs)
312 - Demon Turagathshnee (Tanar'ri), Turaglas Turagathshnee Form (Tanar'ri), Turaglas True Form (Tanar'ri) (The Ebon Maw, Ari Marmell)
324 - Hob, Spellshadow, Du'lora Quori (Dark Fury), Hashalaq Quori (Dreamstealer), Kalaraq Quori (Eyebinder) (Living Nightmares, Keith Baker)
324 - Black Ice Golem, Icy Prisoner, Steaming Soldier, Winterling (Chilled to the Bone, Yury Pavlotsky)

The Madhatter

First Post
Hello! I would like to find the 3.5 version of the Yochlol from the FR. It's in the Monsters of Faerun supplement but I am sure I've seen it reprinted in a 3.5 book or magazine. We recently encountered one and the DM had to stop the game and try to convert on the fly. I have a *feeling* it will be back as well. If someone could point me to the Creature Locator or let me know the volume that would be great! Thanks again for this thread!

Yugoloth, Battleloth - Axe


I'm looking forward de characteristics of the Yugoloth, Battleloth - Axe that are in the dragon #306
If someone who possess that book could e-mail that charac or indicate a link where I could have it, it will be very helpfull to me

May be it's illegal to diffuse it on the net but if the stat are sent in an e-mail box, this is legal
I could buy that book but I'm in Belgium. 6$ plus 15 euros for the incoming taxes and three weeks delay just for one stat monster... :\


Monster Junkie
Dragon #334:
Clockwork Eunuch
Flying Monkey
Golem, Relief

Dragon #335:
No new creatures

Dragon #336:
Favored Spawn of Kyuss (template)
Primordial Colossus


Creature Cataloguer
what, you mean
Brainstealer Dragon
Mind Worm
Nerve Swimmer

and whatever the name is of the new demon that appeared in Zugg's article? :)


Monster Junkie
Also in #337, from the Lords of Dust article:
Rakshasa Rajah (Overlord)(template)
Sul Khatesh, the Keeper of Secrets
Kashtarhak, the Voice of Chaos
Durastvran Wyrmbreaker (no stats)
Mordakhesh, the Shadowsword (no stats)
Korliac of the Gray Flame (no stats)
Hektula, the Bloody Scribe (no stats)
Thelestes, the Velvet Blade (no stats)
Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War (no stats)
Eldrantulku, the Oathbreaker (no stats)
Tul Oreshka, the Truth in the Darkness (no stats)
Katashka the Gatekeeper (no stats)


The EN World kitten
The Rakshasa Rajah information wasn't really a template...it was more like a building guide.

In Dragon #338 - Choleric Imp, Melancholic Imp, Phlegmatic Imp, and Sanguine Imp ("Imps of Ill-Humor" by David Schwartz).

Schavra (spellweaver fighter 4) ("Ecology of the Spellweaver" by Tito Leati).


Monster Junkie
Alzrius said:
The Rakshasa Rajah information wasn't really a template...it was more like a building guide.

True. I usually label those as "pseudo templates", like the topiary guardian.

Halloween Horror For 5E