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DRAGON Magazine monster index!

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hmm, forgot this entry for the longest time:
151 - Sch’theraqpasstt (Major Demon), histachii (The Ecology of the Yuan-Ti, David Wellman)


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Ahh, a couple more...

Dragon #28 features the Northhounds, in the 'Giants in the Earth' article by Lawrence Schick and Tom Moldvay, under the listing for John Eric Stark.

#161 has basic-D&D stats for the Vulcanian sloth in 'Voyage of the Princess Ark, Part 8' by Bruce A. Heard.


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Aaaand here's a few more I found, from some early issues...

No. 1: Bulette (Creature Features, no author listed, later appeared in 1E MM, 2E MM, 3E MM)
No. 2: Remorhaz (Creature Features, no author listed, later appeared in 1E MM, 2E MM, 3E MM)
No. 5: Ankheg (Featured Creature, no author listed, later appeared in 1E MM, 2E MM, 3E MM)
No. 6: Death Angel (Featured Creature, John Sullivan, now in the CC)
No. 17: Angels (Angel of Wrath, Angel of Healing, Archangel of Mercy, Seraphim) (Messengers of God: Angels in Dungeons & Dragons, Stephen H. Dorneman)
No. 20: Tuna-of-the-Eternal-Waters, Amakua, Vahine-Hae (The Mythos of Polynesia in Dungeons & Dragons, Jerome Arkenberg)

Hope that helps :D


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A couple more...

A few more early ones that slipped through the cracks...

25 - Vampires (Asanbosam, Burcolakas, Catacano, Lobishumen, Ekimmu, Mulo, Alp, Anananngel, Krvopijac, Ch'ing-shih, Vlkodlak, Bruxsa, Nosferat) (Varieties of Vampires, R. P. Smith)

44 - Half-orcs (Orc-kobold, Orc-goblin, Orc-hobgoblin, Orc-gnoll, Orc-bugbear, Orc-orge) (Fantasy Genetics II: Half-Orcs in a Variety of Styles, Roger Moore)


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Heres more 3E/3.5 dragon mag creatures.

#294- None

#295-Siege Golem (Bazaar of the Bozarre and the Wall Came Tumbling Down.......); Cataboligne Demon, Gingwatzim [Pakin, Gaegzim, Eoluzim, Maronzim, Naranzim] (Monstrous Denzens of Oerth)

#296- (dont have it)

#297- Rabbi Low's Golem, The Sphinx (Relics of Myth Epic Items Inspired by the Real World); Nether Creature Template, Nether Ogre Mage (Silcon Sorcery ICO)

#298- Aracholoth, Spiderleg Horror, Brood Mother, Proxy of Lolth (The Bestiary: The Punishments of Lolth)

#299- Blood Horse, Catoblepas (now in MM2 as well), Glamer, Shadowvig, Tree Troll, Veserab (The Bestiary: The Horrors of Cormyr); Golden the Clockwork Cat (Bazaar of the Bizarre: Wizards Toy Box)

#300- Howling Dragon, Pyroclastic Dragon, Rust Dragon, Styx Dragon, Tarterian Dragon (The Bestiary: Hellish Fangs on Abyssal Wings); Mummified Creature, Ghost Brute Creature, Wight, Wraith (The Risen Dead Four New Undead Templates)

#301- Scrags, Fiendish Trolls, Half-Fiend/Half-Troll, Ice Troll, Deep Sea Troll, Slime troll (Ecology: Malignant Growth The Ecology of the Troll); Dragoconic Creature Template (Guild Secrets: Claw of Gold)

#302- Web Golem, Alchemical Golem, Mud Golem, Rope Golem, Puzzle Golem (Bestiary: Construct of Destruction Five New Golems); Glyph Guardian Template, Old One Guardian, Battle Horror, Minogon (Silicon Sorcery: Neverwinter Nights)

#303- Skeletal Intellect Devourer, Battle Intellect Devourer, Creator Race, Spirit of the Woods Template (Silicon Sorcery: The Lost Horrors if Neverwinter Nights)

#304- Changeling, Cystalline Cat, Force of Nature, Green Guardian, Spark, Seelie Court Fey Template, Unseelie Fey Template (Guardians of the Wild Fey Born Fair and Foul)

#305- Dont own it

#306- Air Demon, Ash Demon, Earth Demon, Fire Demon, Ice Demon, Water Demon, Coal Devil, Glass Devil, Lead Devil, Obsidian Devil, Dand Devil, Spiked Devil, Arrow Battleloth, Axe Battleloth, Cross-Bow Battleloth, Pick Battleloth, Spiked Chain Battleloth, Sword Battleloth (By Evil Bound)

#307- Half-Air Elemental Template, Air Element Template, Air Genasi (Open Skieas The silver Strike Guild), Dweomervore, Splinterwaif, Trap Haunt Template, Wilora (Monsters in the Alley), Bodak Template, Ghoulish Template, Ghastly Template, Scion of Kyuss Template (4 New Undead Templates Risen Dead)

#308- Ironmaw Seedling (Demon Forests the Ecology of the Ironmaw); Stronarm Carapace, fastbreak Carapace, Hardy Carapace, Slippery Carapace, Silent Carapace, Backwatcher Carapace, Mnempnicus, Wriggler (Armed to the Tentacle The Illithed Arsenal)

Start of the 3.5 dragon mags

#309- Crawling Slaughter, Death Hurler, Golem Swarm, Guardian Steed, Warddrake (Bestiary: Beasts of the Battlefield War Constructs and Creatures)

#310- None

#311- None

#312- None


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Monsters from #122

iam converting all the monsters from dragon # 122. Expect to see them soon w/ my own artwork! :D yay! :D

after that i plan to do all the monsters from no. 204 (creatures that time forgot)
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Dragon #313:

Deathtouched, Mortif
Elder Serpent (template)
Ghost Elf
Half-Undead, Fetch (template)
Half-Undead, Gheden (template)
Half-Undead, Ghul (template)
Half-Undead, Katane (template)
Nameless Dragon (template)
Ravening Dragon (template)
Riddled Dragon (template)
Spellhoarding Dragon (template)
Wandering Dragon (template)
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Dragon #314:

Creeping Stone
Fire-Souled Creature (template)
Salamander, Average Salamander Larva
Salamander, Flamebrother Larva


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Dragon #315:

Afflicted (template)
Fleshvigor (template)
Gen, Air
Gen, Earth
Gen, Fire
Gen, Water
Ka-Tainted Creature (template)
T'liz (template)
Zargon, the Devourer in the Depths


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Dragon #317:

Aspect of Bane
Eldritch Archer
Ice Golem
Jungle Spider


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Dragon #318:

Dinosaur, Compsognathus
Dinosaur, Dimetrodon
Dinosaur, Diplodocus
Dinosaur, Helicoprion
Dinosaur, Giganotosaurus
Dinosaur, Liopleurodon
Dinosaur, Pachycephalosaurus
Dinosaur, Parasaurolophus
Dinosaur, Pteranodon
Dinosaur, Rhamphorhynchus
Dinosaur, Stegosaurus
Larval Flayer
Shadow Eft
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Well, came across another couple of old issues of The Dragon - #12 and #29. Here's a few critters what were left out.

12 - Archangels (Vohu Manah, Asha, Khathra Vairya, Armaiti, Haurvatat & Ameretat, Sraosha, Mithra), Yazatas (Vayu, Tishtrya, Ardvi Sura Anahita, Verethranga, Rapithwin, Atar, Haoma), Archdemons (Aeshma, Azhi Dahaka, "other Archdemons" (generic stat block for all of them)), Demons (The Persian Mythos, Jerome Arkenberg)
12 - The Great Old Ones (Azathoth, Cthulhu, Hastur the Unspeakable, Nylarthotep, Shub-Niggurath, Cthuga, Ithaqua, Yig, Yog-Sothoth), byakhee, the deep ones, the great race, the old ones, the mi-go, the shaggoths (The Lovecraftian Mythos in Dungeons & Dragons, Rob Kuntz)

29 - Porpoise girls, Ndengei, sky maidens, adaro, dogai, Origoruso, marsalai, Figonas (Koevasi, Hatuibwari, Agunua) (The Mythos of Oceania in Dungeons & Dragons, Jerome Arkenberg)


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Doesn't really matter, seeing as every one of them, cosmic entity and servitor race alike, shows up in Cthulhu d20, which has guidelines for conversion to D&D anyway. ;) Just listing them for the sake of completeness.

Halloween Horror For 5E