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DRAGON Magazine monster index!

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Monster Junkie
The "Dinosaurs: Mesozoic Monsters From the Mightiest to the Weakest" article in Dragon 112 continues on p. 66.


Monster Junkie
Dragon #321:

Adamantine Dragon
Arboreal Dragon
Archdragon (template)
Axial Dragon
Beast Dragon
Concordant Dragon
Giant Crayfish
Giant Gar
Giant Tick
Prismfly Swarm
Radiant Creature (template)
Rainbow Dweller


Monster Junkie
Dragon #322:

Beacon Moth
Darkness Pseudo-Elementals (Small, Medium, Large, Huge, Greater, Elder)
Nether Hound (template)


Monster Junkie
Dragon #323:

Cyclopeans (racial write-up only)

Dragon #324:

Black Ice Golem
Grippli (racial write-up only)
Icy Prisoner
Quori, Du'lora
Quori, Hashalaq
Quori, Kalaraq
Steaming Soldier


First Post
I am work right now, and I know if I forget to post now, I wont remember when I get home, so here it goes.
Anyone remember a list of undead from somewhere around 170-200? For the life of me, I cannot remember the article. But it detailed a few different types of undead, one was something to the effect of an
ACID ZOMBIE, 'its skin bleached white from the acid. Constantly moaning from pain. looks to be sweating. The sweat is actually acid."
QUICK SKELETON, this one could get in two attacks a round and moved really fast as is hasted, obviously.
Then there was one more skeleton. This one had brittle bones, and basically was meant to be destroyed, when it was destroyed, it released a form of stinking cloud from its bones.

I skimmed the list and did not see them. I had converted them for one of my games and it really threw the players for a loop with these guys.

(sorry, just found it now, it is was in 234. disregard)
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Creature Cataloguer
yeah... largely because those pages are missing from the Dragon Archive CD-Rom, and i haven't updated the index in a long, long time... :)


Creature Cataloguer
sheesh, me too...

someone, i think cildarith, kindly made me a PDF of that article. it's too big to post here (almost 4 MB) and i don't want to risk it anyway. ;)


Monster Junkie
I don't blame you for not wanting to risk it.

I've still got the original articles torn out of old Dragon Magazines of Creature Catalogs I-III. I wish I'd kept all my 1E Dragons during my "non-gaming" years, but unfortunately I only saved a choice few things. Fortunately, I chose wisely in this case. :)


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The giant crayfish seems kinda ill built and weak for a CR3

Improved grab would have been befitting the critter and in general it is very weak compared to the large scorpion which serves as asimilar build


Monster Junkie
Dragon #328:

Elephant Seal
Giant Vulture
Komodo Dragon
Moray Eel
Snow Ape

Dragon #329:

Aspect of Pazuzu
Demon, Anzu
Demon Lord, Pazuzu
Grendel's Mother
The Gaul Tarrasque (how-to only)
Polish Cockatrice (how-to only)
Golem of Prague (how-to only)
British Hag (how-to only)
Indian Leucrotta (how-to only)
Earthly Salamander (how-to only)
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