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5E Dragonlance adaptation to D&D 5th Edition

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Peace Among Worlds
As someone who loves 5th Edition and Dragonlance, this is excellent to see, although sadly, I think that my time in Krynn ended along with my last relationship. 95% of the Dragonlance adventuring I did, I did with my ex-fiance, so I feel like returning to Krynn will always be too heartbreaking for me, however I'm glad this exists.


Hate to resurrect a zombie thread, but it looks like the download link is broken?

The thread is not dead, it is sleeping ;)
Seriously, I pay attention to the activity of the thread to find out if all is well or if there is new feedback to the material I uploaded.
The download section was not incorporated yet after the web change, so I am waiting for it to be reactivated to re-upload the updated guide.
If you are interested anyway I can send it to you by mail. Write me to moropablo@gmail.com


Monster Manager
Well, in the last five (!) days I received more mails asking for the conversion than job related ones.
So, until we finally have the download section available, I´ll put here a google drive link with the pdf in question.
Anyone is welcome to download it, use it and share it and, if you want, any feedback comments are appreciated.

As one who read the original trilogy many years ago, I applaud you and your friends for creating and publishing this handy guide. Thanks very much, Pablo, for sharing! :)

Halloween Horror For 5E