Dragonlance Dragonlance comes to DMsGuild


Just received an email from DMsGuild stating that Dragonlance opens up for community creators on December 6th. I've recently started creating content, focusing on Spelljammer as the moment, but will probably shift gears based on this news.

I'll have to brush up on the source material myself, I've only read the original three novels (War of the Lance saga) and maybe the first six 1e modules.

So who else will be creating content in Krynn?

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I crit!


Dire Bare

Yea but I thought with Baldman Games getting the setting we weren’t going to see it for DMsGuild creators. This makes things interesting!
I missed that news, what is Baldman Games getting to do with Dragonlance? Convention play? More?

I'm excited for the official WotC releases later this year, but I'm more excited about what we might get on the DM's Guild!!!


interesting... I wonder what people can come up with.
Yeah I agree. I hope we see content that allows any party of adventures to be the big damn heros instead of the Companions. Alternate history kind of stuff.

I'm not sure what the general consensus is, but I was always struck by Xak Tsaroth. I thought it's verticality was really cool. Would love to let any old group poke around in it

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