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Hello everyone! I've been searching for an answer everywhere to this question and can't seem to find it.

The Deluxe Dragonlance set with Warriors of Krynn comes with the new Dragonlance book with an exclusive cover. However, I can't find anywhere that explains what this cover is outside of it being a foil cover. Is it one with exclusive art to this edition? Is it the Lord Soth alt cover? Or is it just the regular cover foiled? Any help would be appreciated!

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It didn’t help that the original tweet from WotC promoting the bundle showed the hobby store Soth cover. Confused the heck out of everyone.
Yep. Some people pre-ordered based on that and then WotC refused to refund their money. Sly Flourish talks about it in his last two videos. Someone at WotC saw his video and so the corporate machine decided to grant refunds.

Dangit!!! Do not fall for the marketing…..

But get the Soth close up cover first. It’ll go out of print and I dint think the bundle will.
The sales page on WotC’s site does proclaim, “Limited Stock!” But I don’t believe they’ve said one way or the other yet.

I’m going for the Soth cover, personally. As I’ve played 100% online for years now, a miniatures based wargame is of somewhat limited use to me.


I thought I liked the deluxe cover best until I noticed the dragon’s feet. They make it look like the dragon is standing in the air or something. Can’t unsee it now.

As much as I like the close-up of Soth’s helmet, I’ll probably just get the regular edition.


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It's a bundle because it comes with a physical product. once the physical product is gone, they can't offer the bundle.
It's limited because they are not going to reprint it, not that cover book anyway, as far as I understand.

The others they'll probably reprint as long as their is demand to support it.


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