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General Dragonlance Novels - How Many Are There?


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Before you open the spoiler block below, guess how many novels have been written in the Dragonlance setting. Maybe write down a number. This number should not include modules or other works--only book-length stories.

Ready? Ok. Click on "Show" to proceed. B-)

[sblock]In the awesome and informative Dungeons & Dragons: Art & Arcana, it states that "To date, nearly two hundred novels have used the Dragonlance setting; dozens of modules and ancillary products have followed suit."

Really? Two hundred? I was shocked and may have even made a noise expressing my disbelief.

So I went to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Dragonlance_novels

I counted over two hundred--not counting modules et al.

Am I the only person who didn't know that so many books had been written in the Dragonlance setting?[/sblock]

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Personally, I do not recommend Dragonlance novels even though I love the setting (In fact, I'm running my current campaign there).
I think that the world of Krynn works well as a stage to play in it but, although I respect the work of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman as authors, the novels do not offer anything interesting and do not seem very well written to me.


[MENTION=31304]TarionzCousin[/MENTION]: I would not have guessed that many! But then I stopped reading D&D novels sometime in the late 90s, I think. I've read most, if not all, of the older Dragonlance novels but none of the newer ones.

[MENTION=6798942]PabloM[/MENTION]: Interesting perspective. I have long held the opposite belief: that Krynn is a great world for novels but not that great to play in (partly because it feels too small).


I own many Dragonlance novels. I obviously love them, unfortunately many of them are hit and miss...though the best ones normally are written either by Weiss and Hickman, or Knaak, or Williams.

Hate the Dawning of the 5th age books, they were horribly written, or at least not anything close to my tastes on what I enjoy to read.. This follows that some of the books are great, and some are very hard to get through.


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Love the novels, have shelves of them somewhere. The setting has a long history and novels written across all time periods. Plenty of good ones there. I also think it is a great setting to play in with great ideas in magic and knightly orders.


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I would not have guessed that many. Certainly dozens & dozens. I'd have said 50some. Wich would still be a lot of crappy novels....

I read the first 6. Then probably another 6 or so after that, each one worse than the last until I just said "Eh." & moved on, not paying them any attention (other than knowing vaguely they'd written trilogies in a couple of future ages....).


I read a number of them. I enjoyed the first trilogy, and the Twins trilogy. After that, they sort of fell in quality, but were still good books. Once all the original characters were gone, though, I sort of lost a lot of interest.


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I read so many dragonlance books as a kid. I even re-read a Chronicles and Legends as an adult. Chronicles felt pretty juvenile thought it is YA Fantasy so there. Legends was a bit more grown up.

I enjoyed the random side book here or there. Some are just trash though.

Even with Weis and Hickman I prefer the Deathgate Cycle.


I really enjoyed the original novels as a teen, and more the setting they unveiled. I admit that the first trilogy was not well written, Weis & Hickman reached their apex with the second "twins" trilogy. After that, it was very hit or miss. It is one of those settings that really did not do well with every author and their mother writing in it, as it is less 'Kitchen Sink' than other setting and therefore has less maneuvering room.


My answer was "too many".

Appears I was right ;). I think they should have stopped after the first 6 or so, although some of the others were OK, like Legend of Huma. But most of them were just done to death, repeating the same plots with just different names. Like they were mass produced instead of an individual novel.

Even with Weis and Hickman I prefer the Deathgate Cycle.
Which ALSO has Fizban in them ;)

But yeah, those were pretty decent.


I still enjoy rereading the Chronicles trilogy every so often. I have found, though, that the prose can be very clunky and is not conducive to reading out loud the way, say, Pratchett’s Discworld novels are.


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Other than those "Young Readers" novels, I own approximately 85% of the novels, and read 70% of them.

The original Chronicles were the best.

Each character was so well created that one could tell who a character was just by what they said/how they acted.

While the rest DID fill in the rich world of Krynn, they lacked the richness and care of the Chronicles.


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I was surprised there weren't more. I used to collect the series way back when we had a group playing in the setting. I think I have almost 170 of the books, without counting duplicates or variant editions (like the Annotated Legends, which might be my single favourite book of the bunch). Most of what I'm missing are the young reader books, which I'm not up to date on.

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