D&D 5E Dread Metrol From Keith Baker Is Here!

Eberron-creator Keith Baker's Ravenloft/Eberron crossover book is now available on DMsGuild! Metrol is a dark city besieged by nightmares. This 112-page book contains details on the city, plus a starter adventure.


Join Eberron setting creator Keith Baker for a journey through the Mists and into the domain of Dread Metrol. Explore one of the greatest cities of Khorvaire—a city now besieged by nightmares.

In this book, Keith creates a bridge between the settings of Eberron and Ravenloft. Trapped in an endless war, Metrol has become a harsh realm where familiar elements take dark turns. In this besieged city, House Cannith crafts soldiers from flesh and steel, House Vadalis supports the wererat secret police... and in the shadows, far more sinister secrets await.

Dread Metrol: Into The Mists provides everything you need to dive into the darkness and explore the city of Metrol, including a starter adventure plus a host of ideas for creating adventures and characters that are deeply tied to the setting. This book can be used to incorporate Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft into Eberron, or you can use it as a standalone setting (no familiarity with Ravenloft required!).

What's Inside?
  • Dozens of pages of new lore on Dread Metrol, including its history, districts, Vermishards, and factions.
  • Statistics for Queen Dannel, ruler of this dark domain.
  • Plot hooks and tables galore to inspire new adventures.
  • The Mastermaker, a new artificer archetype who specializes in rebuilding their own body.
  • "The Mourning After," an adventure by Andrew Bishkinskyi that takes characters from 1st to 4th level; this can be used as the start of an Eberron campaign, or tied through the Mists to an ongoing campaign in any world.
  • High-resolution copies of the maps used in "The Mourning After."
  • Companion 32-page "Player Edition" PDF, allowing DMs to share the setting of Dread Metrol with players—without revealing its deepest secrets.
  • ...and more!

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Dang. Really have wanted some expanded magic cyborg rules
Well apparently The Reconstructed Template for things in it works like a Lineage as well, allowing for somebody to become a Half-Golem/Warforge. So you could combine a character with that and say Mastermaker/Armorer to achieve Magi-Tech Cyborgs. That or just straight up jack the Carbon 2185 Augmentation rules/stuff.

Are we talking Cyre and an explanation for what caused that cataclysm and that city is what had been located at the epicentre of that event?
No. I think KB always avoided to provide an "official" explanation of the Mourning in order to let GM have their own version that couldn't be contradicted by canon, and he's keeping to it. The book presents Dread Metrol: the Mourning happened and now, the capital of Cyre has been dumped in the plane of Dread, or Mabar if you want, and it starts from there.

Mechanically, I think the Mastermaker is a little underpowered compared to the Armorer, a problem I feel is shared by the other KB subclass for artificer. It is interesting however.

The strong point of the setting part is conveying, in a few words, the desperation of the siege situation. It does a much better job of being a desperate place than the Icewind Dale in Rime. Sure, Rime could be upped to this step, but I felt the ambiance was closer in this setting. I can't judge the adventure, which can have some "all choices are equally lousy" feeling, but it has ideas that could be used if you wanted to use it at higher level than the 1-4 it is designed for, especially if you intend to actually save people from the domain of dread and oppose the Dread Daneel (CR 15), which would be a really heroic endeavour that could only result in the destruction of most named NPCs but maybe the salvation of a few innocents...


I also think it's most directly comparable to Falkovnia... except way better executed. Now, in fairness, Falkovnia only got 6 or so pages of VRGTR while this has fourty pages, but both are hitting the same tones of "Brutal monarch's pride is pitted against an unending siege of undead". Falkovnia has a much slower pace - new horde once a month, rather than every night - but doesn't have the horrors of the dragonmarked houses trying to keep up with the magical warfare.


Not going for verisimilitude then?
It's most likely a reference to one of Keith Baker's games. In one of them, the party owns a tavern(or inn) that all of the players got to add a detail to. One of them decided the place had a filthy toilet that didn't work that well.

This little detail caused them to make buying a cleansing stone for the place, one of their first goals.

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