D&D 5E Dread Metrol From Keith Baker Is Here!

Eberron-creator Keith Baker's Ravenloft/Eberron crossover book is now available on DMsGuild! Metrol is a dark city besieged by nightmares. This 112-page book contains details on the city, plus a starter adventure.


Join Eberron setting creator Keith Baker for a journey through the Mists and into the domain of Dread Metrol. Explore one of the greatest cities of Khorvaire—a city now besieged by nightmares.

In this book, Keith creates a bridge between the settings of Eberron and Ravenloft. Trapped in an endless war, Metrol has become a harsh realm where familiar elements take dark turns. In this besieged city, House Cannith crafts soldiers from flesh and steel, House Vadalis supports the wererat secret police... and in the shadows, far more sinister secrets await.

Dread Metrol: Into The Mists provides everything you need to dive into the darkness and explore the city of Metrol, including a starter adventure plus a host of ideas for creating adventures and characters that are deeply tied to the setting. This book can be used to incorporate Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft into Eberron, or you can use it as a standalone setting (no familiarity with Ravenloft required!).

What's Inside?
  • Dozens of pages of new lore on Dread Metrol, including its history, districts, Vermishards, and factions.
  • Statistics for Queen Dannel, ruler of this dark domain.
  • Plot hooks and tables galore to inspire new adventures.
  • The Mastermaker, a new artificer archetype who specializes in rebuilding their own body.
  • "The Mourning After," an adventure by Andrew Bishkinskyi that takes characters from 1st to 4th level; this can be used as the start of an Eberron campaign, or tied through the Mists to an ongoing campaign in any world.
  • High-resolution copies of the maps used in "The Mourning After."
  • Companion 32-page "Player Edition" PDF, allowing DMs to share the setting of Dread Metrol with players—without revealing its deepest secrets.
  • ...and more!

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The similarities to Falkovnia were my first thoughts on reading Dread Metrol, but at 40 pages of background info it crushes Falkovnia's... 6? Not to mention that as a dmsguild product, it's more willing to push the boundary on horror & darkness, plus the Eberron twists adds some really unique flavor.

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