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Kickstarter Dungeon Crawler Kickstarter re-launch


Only 8 days left guys.


Must reach goal.

Need new plasti-crack!!!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :):):):):):)

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First Post
We're entering the last weekend of our campaign this weekend, it's good to see some new faces backing us.

This is just a reminder about the campaign and to give 1 final push this weekend. Take a look at the Refer-A-Friend deal we have in place, and just a reminder the shipping won't be charged until the minis are ready to ship.

Hope to see you all across the finish line!



First Post
Yea, I missed it as well, I have some of their other minis would have liked to pick up these as well. That said, as someone else posted, I found the Kickstarter page EXTREMELY confusing. There were all kinds of abbreviations and slang filling the entire project. I wonder how many people started reading the page and left before finishing utterly confused.

I do hope they start up another project after the holidays as I love pre-painted Mini's and will definitely be back to take a look if they do.


First Post
I felt the shipping was too high on the lower end options. I've ordered lots of plastic minis from across the web and even with the two huge elementals, I'm having trouble believing it would take $15 to ship those 16 figs parcel post.

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters